The Year of the Jar................

Its that time of year.  If you are member of the nightshade family or a cucurbit, take cover!  Yea .... it is the year of the jar.

I swear, I buy case after case of jars ... year after year.  And they all get filled.  This year, one of my dear customers brought me 6 cases of quart jars.  Stuffed!!!

The pantries in the house are slowly filling up.  The main pantry is almost filled.  The pint jar pantry needs some work ... and the third pantry .... well, that can't be seen by the human eye!

But you thought 3 pantries would be enough!  Not so much!  
There is the Summer Kitchen to fill!!! And now, having been abandon by Emily who went to pursue a college education (!) ......... I am left to my own devices on that one!

Don't the shelves look great with the mix-and-match lace edging?  I love the look!!!  Thank you, Sue!!!!!!!

So for the next month or so ... you will find me standing over the stove.  Or at Stringtown, picking up Clear-Gel and pectin.  Or at Farm and Fleet, waiting for the Ball Jar delivery.

But come winter, you will find me safe, sound and possibly snowed-in, surrounded by my very own summer-in-a-jar.


BlueGate said…
Beautiful, Cathy! You put the rest of us to shame ; )
clink said…
Jill -- I don't think so!! But aren't the lace edges cute?
Only in my dreams does my pantry look like that. Well done!
BlueGate said…
The lace edges are beyond cute, they are simply perfect!
Look at all those beautiful jars. Love the lace edges.

When is a good time to visit? I need to come back. Soon. =)
Garnetrose said…
I don't have enough pantries either. I would love to have more room to put all our stuff but that does not seem to happen. Your pantry looks way better then mine.
girlwithasword said…
now i am EXTRA embarassed of my overflowing shelves and boxes randomly sitting on the floor :( NEED MORE SHELVES!!!

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