Baby steps.........

The progress with Summer Kitchen comes slowly.... but it does progress, nevertheless. Every day something gets done.... and as Martha would say, Its a good thing.

So I thought I would update you on what has been happening.

The first window went in.  It is a little vintage window that we had the glass and the glazing replaced.  What do you think of the terra cotta color?  I'm thrilled with it.

We still have to add the corner pieces .... they will be stained the cream color.

Oh .... and there is a door. It will keep the riff-raff and the chickens out!

The door will be terra cotta also ..... we are debating whether to paint the panels the cream color.  And I want to add glass to it.  There will be a screen door for the summer so this door will be open most of the time. So I will I have to think about that.

Ok ... its time to walk in. Big step!!!!

No .... the insulation, wiring and dry wall are not up.  But I am moving more stuff out to the Summer Kitchen.  I need the space in my house!!!!!

So .... wanna take a quick tour????

We moved the chimney cupboard out there for jam and jelly storage.  There is the first of the market bags I have been knitting.
Yesterday, I made this long green tablecloth out of a soft linen.  After I flounce the corners, I will show that to you.  But doesn't it go perfectly with the embroidered tablecloth that I found???

I was at the fabric store and a woman behind me in line said ....... You are not going to use that, are you??? 
Yes .... unknown woman ... I am going to use it.  Right here.  In the Summer Kitchen.  And yes, something may get spilled on it.  And no, I am not going to use your tacky suggestion of covering it with clear plastic!!!!!

I'm pretty certain God doesn't cover the beauty of nature with a big sheet of plastic to protect it from us!!  On second thought, that might not have been a bad idea.

Ok.... off my environmental soapbox and back to the tour!!!

No ... the blue walls aren't there.  No, the yellow stained floor hasn't been done. But I do have the fabric for my next project!

This is the fabric for a cushion of a rocking chair.  The price was soooo right!  Free! Found by the side of the road.  Hopefully, I'll start restoring it later this week.

So that's the tour of the Summer Kitchen.  

I have to admit.  It is not hip. Not in. Not the current decorating trend of neutrals with just a splash of color.  As you can see, I'm not much of a beige gal. But the Summer Kitchen has been built in a garden that was decorated by God.  It is full of color and as friend once said to me, Nothing clashes in God's world.  I'm not competing with his handiwork.  But I do want to compliment it.

I  have my work cut out for me.


I love all the colors and that table cloth is gorgeous!!!
This looks so great! What progress! I love the color and I love the market bag you made. I bought one last year at the Freight House, it's so handy.

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