Eating Locally ............ really!

 I'm following a new-to-me blog.

The Mill Creek Cafe is a local eatery that serves only lunch and an occasional breakfast.  And of course, they had me at the first post.  Seriously, chocolate hazelnut pie???  I am sooooo there.

Everything is fresh ... all their meals are prepared around as much local food as they can get.

And its on the Old Lincoln Highway.  Yea .... the one of the first major routes across the country.

History, made-from scratch meals and local.  And only 20 miles away in really cute little Clarence! I'm pretty certain I need to make a lunch date ... like for tomorrow!!!  Oh, yea.  And their blog is written by one of my very-most-favorite people!

Why did it take me so long???  So if you are traveling through beautiful Iowa ..... work your way through eastern Iowa around lunch time.  I'm thinkin' it might just be worth the trip.


Ryan and I went there for Valentine's. Very cute place and great food. And, I'm gonna be totally jealous if you and Jen meet there. Maybe I can take some personal time and meet you there at noontime some day?

(Nothing like butting in, huh?)
Mill Creek Cafe said…
You rock Cathy! Thanks so much for mentioning our little ole cafe on your super famous blog. :-) The gals will really appreciate the free publicity!!

And we TOTALLY need to pull Kim in on a lunch date....what works? (Maybe I can talk Jamie into making a chocolate hazelnut pie. ;-)
Beth said…
Thank you so much for the heads up. Jared and I are always looking for a new, locally run place to dine when we have the rare occasion of a date.

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