I now know why .........

people don't sleep in the garden.

Yesterday afternoon, after a quick squeezin' on the cider press with my friend Brenda, Sheepie Neighbor and I were chatting on the phone. Suddenly, the wind blew up.  Sheepie asked if it was raining and I replied that was just the wind.  And then .... this branch went crashing down!

And then ... this one!

And this one! 

In all, about 5 fairly substantial branches and lots of leaves, small branches, sticks and twigs.

We lost two arbors ... numerous potted plants .... chairs were blown down and plates in the corn-zebo were tossed out the door like Frisbees.  One large wicker basket of geraniums was tossed about.  I have found the geraniums but have yet to find the basket!

Our neighbor lost numerous shingles from a recently replaced roof.  Fortunately, ours roof stayed nailed tight.  I was concerned about the swoooopy roof of the Summer Kitchen.  At one point the shingles were standing straight up!!!  I kept praying ..... "No! No! No!  Just stay down! Just stay down!"  And  they did!

But the biggest thing ..... I went out and found another branch on top of the garden bed.  Hmmmm? I thought the bed was dressed.  But no sheets .. no quilt.. no pillow .. no mattress were to be found.  Oh ... there was a bit of white in the bean field. There were the sheets .... the quilt ... and the pillow.  But still no mattress.

I hauled the wet bed linens in for laundering ... and went upstairs to check the weather radar.  I glanced out the window and saw a bit of green foam in the distance. There ......... 1/2 mile away ..... propped up against the corn-field......... was the mattress!

The sky was ominous at 3:30 in the afternoon.  The clouds continued to rumble through-out the evening hours.

The mattress is still against the corn-field ..... 1/2 mile away.

The tea cup tree is safe and sound.  But the garden bed and the prayer flags are being tucked away for the winter

 I  do hope the fairies that sleep in my garden have found other sleeping arrangements. Maybe in Kansas.


Yikes!! So thankful none of those branches landed on your house! Or, god forbid, the SUMMER KITCHEN! See you tomorrow AM. (if that's okay?)
Oh no! I'm so glad your summer kitchen and house came out unscathed. And, you of course!

I can't believe the mattress went that far!

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