Looking forward.......

How many days till the weekend??

I feel like a kid counting the days until my 16th birthday!! How many more days till I get my license??

Yea... and for the smart-alecks that ask ... Did you really need a license to drive a  horse and buggy?  I may be older than dirt ... but I'm not that old.

But I digress.

This will be so much fun!! I have heard about this for a couple years and now ...... I'm going to see it myself!!!!

Yes ..... it is Farm Crawl weekend!!! 

I understand that research is good.  Like researching some Robiola cheese.  Maybe some honey or herb lemonade. Or maybe Maggie will have some of her awesome yarn there.  (She has got to stop tempting me with it!! My stash is much too full and I am knitting as fast as I can ... but I can't make the pile go down!!) 

It's research.  Nothing but research.  But I can handle it.  I'll take one for the team. :)

Hopefully, it will go better than getting my license. The next day or so, I scraped my folks new car against the garage door ........... I was grounded for a week.

I do hope that Jill doesn't ground me!!!


BlueGate said…
...only if you're late! ; )
Colleen said…
Sounds like fun. Can't wait to hear (read) all about it. Loved the analogy of the driver's license. Rang too many bells of memory from last year.

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