Miss Eff fell off the Wagon.............

Time for a BYOB party here at Miss Effie's!

Oh, you assumed a woman as quiet and demure as Miss Eff would be a member of the Women's Christian Temperance Union?  She might have been ... once upon a time.... but like her great-great grandfather who got kicked out of church for dancing ...... she has a tendency to misbehave.  Maybe.  A little. Occasionally.

But I digress.

That's not the type of BYOB party I'm talking about.

BYOB ..... Bring Your Own Bucket.  Any size bucket.  Little Bucket.  Big Bucket.  Red Bucket. Blue Bucket.  Any Bucket you would like.  And I do have our usual buckets if you don't have one.

On Thursday ... Sept. 30 and Friday ... October 1st.  All the flowers you can stuff in your bucket for $10!!

Yea ..... $10.  We will be open from 9-3.  The Summer Kitchen is stocked with jams, dishcloths, cocoa mix and who knows, you might find some granola.  Sorry, all the eggs are spoken for this week.

I have heard the f-word (frost) being discussed.  And there ain't no reason to miss out on these beauties!!!

Come party with Miss Eff!!!!!


Penny said…
Boy I wish I lived close enough to visit and shop.
Hickchick said…
Me too! what a great way to share your flowers before the frost (and a GREAT marketing tool). Perhaps you could also host pot(ting) parties in the spring.

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