Note to friends...........

We are fine.  You don't have to call.  I know ... I haven't posted for a week. 

I have blogger's block and have nothing to say. 



Stop laughing!  It does happen ... occasionally.

I'd say I'll be back when I have something witty and scintillating to say...... but why should I wait till I'm witty? That hasn't stopped me yet.

So until a stroke of genius hits me dead-on the head ... you will find me in the kitchen, working on tomatoes.  And working on tomatoes and working on tomatoes. 

Who thought 55 tomatoes plants would be just right???????


whalechaser said…
55 Tomato Plants????
We won't be seeing you 'till Christmas.
Glad the weather has cooled down some!
umm.....55???? The first year I had a garden I planted 49 (and I'll just say, I was the laughing stock of the neighborhood). I think it had something to do with the fact that I didn't realize I should stake turned into a tomato jungle. Are you ever able to sleep with 55?? ;-) I have nine this year and I feel like the tomatoes are about to win. May the force be with you.
You planted 55 tomato plants? I'm in awe. I could hardly manage my 6.


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