Swoooopy roof update.............

It's almost done! No ... not the Summer Kitchen.  But the roof of the Summer Kitchen.

It has been a long haul.  The roof is quite steep and Honey has not felt comfortable up there.  I know he doesn't like heights but this has been particularly tough.  Add some heat, humidity, a few heart stents, a part of lung missing and 6 decades of life ................. yea, it has gone slower than we thought.

(Note to all ......... notice, ya haven't seen my butt up there!  I ain't no fool!!!)

There is some other progress to be reported.

The new tags are here!  The new tags are here!

(I feel like Steve Martin shouting about phone books.  And seriously, who doesn't say that when the phone books arrive??)

I love the stamp ... it gives a warm handmade look to the tags.  And that is exactly what it is ... a handmade tag.  A huge thanks to Brad Ellis of the Orange Guy for his help.

I have been knitting like a wild woman.  And although, it is not very fancy... I am really enjoying this.  I have been knitting dishcloths and bath mitts.

 Very simple, fun patterns.  From butterflies ..............

to kittens.

The Summer Kitchen should be filled with handmade, local products.  Onesie- twoies.  So when you see it and you like it, you need to buy it.  It may not come back again!  It may take me a while to get the shop filled..... fortunately, winter will be here before we know it, so lots of fun creating may happen.

May .... get that? .... may happen.  We will see how ambitious I am.  ;)


Margaret Tirpak said…
I love the pictures - the kitty one is cute!
I have a domesticated bunny, Ella, and I have always wondered, do you hate bunnies? Do they wreck havoc on your flowers or do Marigolds block them?
The tag looks BEAUTIFUL! So perfect on your handmade items.
Love the tags, too. So pretty and very "you."

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