Taking it outside the box ......

This is a post about two creative and fantastic teachers ... that looked outside the traditional curriculum to inspire their students and an old farmer.

A few weeks ago, my friend Julie came to me with an idea.  She is the art professional at Trinity School in Davenport, a Lutheran based school.  She would like to join forces with Kevin, the 8th grade teacher and teach a joint art/science class on the farm.  Well, I jumped at the chance to have such an opportunity for the students here.

Julie would focus on botanical art and using parts of the plant to stamp on paper. She used the natural dye from leaves to color the paper.  She used leaves and seeds for rubbings.  And she had the students drawing and painting the flowers in the garden.

Kevin had them looking for perfect and imperfect flowers, examining root systems, looking at seed heads There was a plant scavenger hunt.  The students were tasting herbs ... looking at different types of flowers and how they were pollinated.

Me?  I got to show off our pretty eggs.  Many did not realize that Dr. Seuss did not make up Green Eggs and Ham!!  The students got to hold a few of the girls.... one student did not know there were "girl and boy" chickens. They looked at the different breeds, picked up colored feathers and held warm eggs.

They played with Waldo the duck ... who is now a teenager.  They watched the older ducks splash and dive in the pond.

They sat on the hill ... watched the combine harvest the soybeans. ... and just relaxed in the joy that is God's beautiful creation.

I was blessed.  In a time of tightening belts and budgets, two wonderful teachers looked for a new learning opportunity for their students. And they included me in such a magical day.

A little art, a little science and a little farming...........

Ahhhh ....... the basis of life according to Miss Eff.


Barb said…
This post warms the heart. Bless those teachers...and bless the fact that they looked to you to lead the children for an afternoon.
....Ya, warm heart.
This is so cool! Way to show them, Miss Eff!
What wonderful teachers!! Any age of children would enjoy this thoroughly! You have planted an amazing place for yourself in the world Miss Eff.

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