Thinking out loud.............

Now that the season is beginning to wind down ..... I'm thinking of new ideas for next year. And one of the best ideas that I have heard came from a friend.

If you have been to Miss Eff's in the last month, you know that the weeds and grass are overwhelming.  Yea.  Bad.  Like I just want to mow the whole damn thing off and start all over again.

We knew this might be a possibility.  This spring we re-did the entire cutting garden by not just tilling it........ but by plowing it deep.  The cutting garden spent many years as a feed lot for the cattle and hogs that called Miss Eff's home ... 50 years ago.  Weed seeds are tenacious little characters and will hold on forever!  And they did ... and this very wet hot summer.... they came into their glory!

We know there are couple of things that have to be done for next year ....

1) We will use a bio-degradable paper mulch to plant in and block weeds.

2) I will not skimp on mulch ever again.  It doesn't matter how broke I am!!  I will order enough mulch.

3) We will have two additional interns next year.  Yea ... I really need them and I really think that there are some awesome opportunities for them.  The work on Silos and Smokestacks and Summer Kitchen can be great learning experiences.

4) And then ........... there is Julie's idea.

OK -- first of all, I need your input. So tell me what you think.

We would form a "society" out here.  I don't have a name yet .... but the main mission is to ............

1) Provide a social network for women
2) To keep the gardens far cleaner than they have been in the past
3) To benefit the community

You would join up and when you want flowers, eggs, jams, etc ........ you will weed a row or two rows (depending on the size).  I figure about 30' .... about an hour's worth of work.  And you will be given a bucket of flowers or the equivalent.

Once a month, we will plan a get-together.  Bring the kids, bring a treat to share and the recipe..... and we will sit and relax and get to know each other a little better. Have some tea .... sit and knit ..... just spend some precious  "girl time" with some amazing women!!!!

Then the recipes will be compiled into a cookbook and the proceeds will benefit a local food pantry.

The great thing about this .... we can expand the gardens to grow even more flowers, veggies and herbs for you to enjoy. 

I wish I was Wonder Woman (or at least, had that bust line!) ....... but, alas, I am not.  I am at my physical limit on what I can do but there is so much more that Miss Eff's can be.  And wouldn't it be fun to have great flowers in your house all the time for just a little sweat equity?????

So tell me what you think.  Are you game for this??? Does Community-Supported-Agriculture (CSA) for flowers trip your trigger??? Enrollment would be somewhat limited ... 12-15 very special women.

We have mentioned this to a few of our regular friends ..... and I know I have missed a lot.... so if you think this is something you would be interested .......... send me a note.  And if you think this is the DUMBEST idea you ever heard of ......... let me know that, too.  I'll put that with my mother's statement........ No one will drive down a gravel road to get flowers.

You proved her wrong on that one!!!!!


Sherry said…
Sounds like a great idea... wish we were going to still be in the area. On another note... I have some left over paper weed stop I'll bring you. When I planted my beds at our house in Kansas I used old newspapers as the weed stop - FREE - folks are always wanting to find a place for their piles of newspaper. It worked great and then I didn't have to put as much mulch on top. However, I don't know if there is an ink concern. I had a small area so I didn't worry.
colbran said…
I think that sounds like a great idea Cathy! I bet you'll end up with more than 12-15 quickly trying to contact you to be part of the group...way to think outside the box!
Absolutely wonderful idea Cathy. I probably couldn't help every week....but I'd be more than happy to do it when I could!! Clancey would love to come out to the farm on the days he's not in preschool next year...and both boys would love it in the summer. Please count us in.
Chanin said…
That is a great idea. When I was a kid (yes there were lots of stay at home moms) there was a group called The Happy Hour Club. It was all the neighbor ladies and their kids got together once a month. I loved it as a kid. So count me in.
Miss Joan said…
This is the kind of idea I relish. Sign me up. You have the best blog I know of.
Miss Effie said…
You guys are the best!!!! We are almost at the half way mark!!

And let me make myself clear ... if you can make it once a month .. GREAT! If you want to do it once a week ... super great!!!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Now we need a name!
I love the idea, but I'm afraid with our schedules, I couldn't commit. Sounds amazing, though. I think you'll get your ladies in no time, flat.
melanie said…
I have a name idea - how about Sisters of the Dirt? Since I can't commute to Iowa to apply for membership, can I have a club T-shirt? What??!!, no official shirt? I think it should look a lot like the new fact, you should make bunch and sell them. Just sayin'....
Carol said…
Hey, I think that's genius! Real entreprenourship(sp?)! I won't stand in anyone's way to join - I just can't commit that far ahead, but if there's still an opening when you get going in the spring and I am not overcommitted, I'd love to take part.
Beth said…
I would love to do this. Am I too late? Wonderful idea and being at your home is always so peaceful and therapeutic to my soul.
Miss Effie said…
Beth ... you are sooooo here!!!
Margaret said…
Great idea! My mom's part of a non-profit group, and they have hosted a "Couple's Gourmet" group. Potluck style, but plated,everyone brought a dish and the recipe to the gathering, chatted over the food and had a ball. My mom has been tracking the recipes everyone liked in a book.
How I wish I had a family member in east Iowa so I could come visit them and you and do some weeding for food. Yum!
Perhaps put a limit of how much weeding - saying it takes time for the weeds to grow.
Perhaps every year include one woman whose family benefits from the local food pantry to see the community support and take part. I have found with a little help, people can surprise you (and remember you).
Great ideas!!!
lu said…
I would love to commit to this once a month!
Anonymous said…
I think it sounds marvelous, HOWEVER I would maybe not make it just women. My 12 year old son had the time of his life there on Wednesday and would love to be a part of something like that. Maybe broaden it a bit! We're in!
Heather Muir said…
If it's not too late, I would love to join! What a fantastic idea, Cathy. It sounds like too much fun. I'd be in for once a week or once every other at the least.
hiccupp said…
MOST FANTASTIC IDEA EVER!!! If you end up with an opening, this sounds fantastic!

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