Color Me Happy!!!

Last Sunday, some of my fiber-y friends had a yarn swap at Prairieland Herbs.  Since I am so far behind here at home, I really didn't think I could spare the time for the trip to Woodward and back.  And in reality, I've got a lot of knitting projects going on here at home...... do I really need to swap yarn for more????

I tell ya ..... my friend Maggie has my back.  I get an email asking me if I would want any of the leftover cotton yarn for bags and dishcloths.  Yea ..... I could use some cotton yarn.

A day or so later, I get an email that ...... and I quote .....  exploding box of yarn, heading your way....:) !
So .... today the exploding box of yarn showed up!!

I was outside when Ms. Mailman pulled up the lane.  She handed me this heavy bulging box ...... and I told her that it was full of yarn.  That's too heavy to be yarn! she said.

There is heavy cabled cotton.  There is delicate fine cotton.  There is textured cotton.  There is cotton-acrylic blends and hemp-cotton blends.

But my favorite is this ......................

Brunswick Yarn .... Berber Tweed.  50% wool --- 50% cotton.

I have had a love affair with Brunswick yarn since I was 10 or 11 years old.  The first pair of slippers I made was a Brunswick wool with a mohair yarn, knitted together.  The first sweater I made was a Brunswick Germantown classic wool in Danish Blue heather color.  I made it in 1966 .... I was 12 ... it was the first alternate to the Illinois State Fair in construction.

Yea .... the Brunswick yarn will never make it to the Summer Kitchen!!!

Thank you, Maggie and all my fiber-y friends.  You will keep the ol' gal off the streets this winter!!!

So .................. what yarn should I knit first????

P.S.......... If you love to knit like I do, check out Maggie's hand-dyed yarn on her blog and at her Etsy store.  Beautiful!!!!


Jen said…
Color me jealous! Nothing better than a box of yarn delivered to your door. Enjoy!
girlwithasword said…
now THAT should keep ya busy. (as if we were worried about THAT????)
Michelle said…
A good friend of mine likes to remind me that things like this are gifts from God; special blessings He gives His children because He loves us. Happy day!
jillwaukee said…
Did you use the Berber Tweed to make my blanket? It's THE BEST!!! It's so cozy and still in perfect condition after ten years and many, many, many washes. :)

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