First of many.............

I hope!

It's Summer Kitchen Friday!  Yes ... the Summer Kitchen is open today ... Friday ... from 9 to 3!

The offerings from the Summer Kitchen are small but will grow every week as we get further and further along on construction.  I hate to bring in merchandise from other local vendors when we are looking at drywall dust in the near future.

So for now ... the Summer Kitchen merchandise is currently hand-crafted by moi'!  Like this new market bag.

Or these vintage clothespin bundles.

Freshly baked granola .... Raisin-pecan and my personal favorite, date-pecan.  Miss Eff's granola is filled with  healthy goodness............ oatmeal, wheat germ, flax seed and Blue Gate Farm's honey.

And to scrub those dirty dishes ..... colorful, soft cotton dishcloths in a variety of patterns and colors.

And to remember your visit to Miss Effie's, Tim Tully photographed scenes from last year and put them together as note cards.  I love seeing the pretty ducks.

Of course, we also have jams, jellies, chocolate fudge hot cocoa mix and today, three dozen eggs are available!  Yep.... Pretty eggs from pretty chickens.  Only at Miss Eff's.

We still have beautiful zinnias, gomphrena, ageratum, Jewels of Opar and a few lisanthus for cutting.  And the blue salvia is gorgeous! Perfect for drying.  End of the season special for flowers ...... $10 a bucket.

Hope to see you today .............tomorrow, I am off to Prairieland Herbs to teach cheese making!  Will you be there????


Heather Muir said…
I wish I could make it out today! Everything looks wonderful. I could go for some granola, dish scrubbers, and some more carrot cake jam. I am all out. Enjoy the sunshiney day!
OH.MY.GOODNESS. Everything looks just wonderful!!! I think I'll take one of each....oh maybe three or four of the granola. The Summer Kitchen tags look amazing. :-) I would TOTALLY be there today if we weren't headed to Madison for our annual family photos. Keep up the good work Cathy!! Oh and I might sneak in a couple handpainted wouldn't notice would you? ;-)
I wish I were close enough to come cut some flowers! Congrats on your opening!
Beth said…
Oh my goodness. Love everything and we were going to come out today but my partner in crime, my mother, had appointments (sigh). Perhaps next week. Congratulations on your grand opening.

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