Friday Findings in the Summer Kitchen

It is Friday and as always....... the Summer Kitchen is open from 9 to 3!  We have made no progress on the inside of the Summer Kitchen.  But Wow!  The progress on the outside continues!

All four sides of the Summer Kitchen have been stained.

And the bottom completely closed in and stained and filled.  And you remember Honey's statement ... No more big projects.  Uhh... it wasn't my idea...... but a deck will go on the back side next spring, overlooking the cutting garden.  (I love the idea!!!!)

Two windows are being stained and will go on the backside and then there will be a bay/garden window on the other side.

My front entry...... we have a stoop!!!  This will eventually be blended into a ramp so the Summer Kitchen is wheel-chair accessible.

 And ...... Let there be light!  Well ... at least, light fixtures.  Wiring is still on the list.

But I couldn't resist decorating the stoop.  Time to step inside and see what is for sale this week.

We have a jar full of knitted scrubbies for your dishes.  As I continue to finish projects, I'll use up the cotton yarn.  Waste not-- Want not!  And besides.......... the cute Sheepie Dish Cloth is too cute to scrub burnt on messes off your pans!
 There will be more of these!  Perfect for all of my fiber-y friends.

Another market bag ......... this is in purple and green.  It will be the last of this style for a while.  I get bored knitting the same thing all the time!

A small crafty project ...... ok, maybe a little up-cycling.  Cute vintage hangers for little girls.

And as always, jams and jellies, bath mitts, dishcloths, cocoa mix and more.  Come out and see me.

Next week ............ tea cozies!!  Yea ... I know you are excited!


Ginny said…
The Summer kitchen is looking GREAT, deck is such a great idea
Holy cow Cathy. The kitchen is looking AH-MAY-ZING!! And a deck off the back? Wow. Can't wait for summer to come back!! The sheepie dish cloth is adorable...I think I'm going to need some of those too.....can I set up a tab? ;-) Keep up the awesome work. Did you notice your lights and my lights must have been siblings? LOL
Miss Effie said…
Jen ... I noticed that. We have wonderful taste! :)I also noticed that you bought dimmer push button switches .... very cool. My next purchase is a 4-way switch. Cha-ching.... when you need three switches!!!

I love Kim's island .... go for it!!!
Beth said…
Thank you again for another wonderful day at your home. If you get a minute, I posted some of our pictures on our blog.

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