A history lesson.......... Bedroom Re-do ... Day One!

Back ... when the earth was cooling ..... I did interior design work.

I had a decent eye for color.  I was great at making things work.  I loved using items in ways that were totally different than their original purpose.  I even had a motto...Just frame it and hang it.  Which leads to having 14 foot levels, silver spoons and plastic clothespins in places of prominence in your house.

I love this house.  Love it! Love it! Love it!  It is where I was meant to be. But it has always been difficult for me to decorate.

Maybe I toss around theories on the trying to listen to the house tell me what it wants to be.  Which is one thing I try very hard to do.  An old farmhouse should look and feel like an old farmhouse.  But its bones should feel like a farmhouse ... not all the cutesy stuff!!!

Reality is this ......... Honey and I both came into this relationship (and I came into the house!) with houses full of stuff.  Too much stuff.  And I like stuff!!  Too much stuff!  And as George Carlin would say ... I need now need places to stuff my stuff!

So slowly .. we are beginning to say ... we don't need this.  We don't want this. 

But there is still a lot of work to be done.  And today .... I am starting on the bedroom.  Honey and I decorated the bedroom when I moved in 14 years ago.  Things have not been static but I no longer see the room fitting our personalities.  Or more importantly ... the personality of the house.

The room faces the east and south ... it is warm and sunny and welcoming.  But the beige is just too.......... beige.  And as my dear friend Jill says .... I'm not much of a beige gal.

A change in color will happen.  Primary color scheme will be yellows and greens with red accents.  Yea ... that fits me. So the wallpaper is coming down.  Paint is being changed.  Crown molding will go up.  Carpet is staying. Louvers in the closet doors will be replaced by chicken wire.

But .......I am going about this .... ass-backwards.  

First ... I am shopping my house.  I am going to re-arrange the bedroom. I will flip furniture and pictures in and out.  And hopefully, decide what I like and what I don't like. Once that is done, and I know what holes to patch and what nails to keep...... I will start to paint.

As you can see .......... the pictures are as the room is today.

Stay tuned and by the end of the weekend......... maybe I will feel comfortable enough to give you ... day Two.


Beth said…
I love your theory of decorating. Without much money to spend, hand me down furniture, and a proclivity for thrift stores, our house sports an eclectic look. I once read that if you love something put it out and don't hide it away, even if that means crystal in the bathroom. Can't wait to see what you do. For today, I am merely rearranging the basement and hoping to rid us of unnecessary things. Peace to you.
I can't wait to see what you do with it. Since I've never owned a brand new piece of furniture I'm hoping you'll give us all some inspiration.
Ginny said…
I will be waiting. My husband and I were just talking about a bedroom re-do. Our main source of light is a very large bow window facing West, our smaller window faces North, so I will be looking for inspiration!!

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