I've just got to show you!

I have some super talented customers.  I'm in awe of some of the bouquets they create.This is one of my favorites from this year.........

It is a hand-wrapped tied bouquet of Amish cockscomb ... burgundy celosia with purple Verbena bonariensis in the center of the bouquet.  I think this is simple elegance at its best! Rich and regal looking.

And I love love love these!!!  Buttonnieres!  What a great lasting remembrance of a wedding! Obviously, their button jar is bigger and cooler than mine!  I only have tons of little white shirt buttons! 

And to carry the button theme a little further................... Buttons tossed like confetti!

(And just to let you know.... buttons would not stick to your underwear like confetti does.  I am totally aware of the sticking power of confetti!  Thanks, Nancy and Tom!!! :)  Eleven years of marriage and I still occasionally find confetti in my underwear drawer!)

A big thanks to Susan for sending the pictures to me.  I love seeing the bouquets and vignettes of the happy day.  And its wonderful to get great ideas that all of us can use!


whalechaser said…
I'll bet garage sales would be a great place to find old buttons waiting for reincarnation into buttoneers~
I agree...a great use for them, so special and unique and inexpensive!

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