The mountains around us.

Currently charities across the country are feeling the pinch of reduced giving. People are giving less to help the needy ... and there are more needy to help.

A lot of us are feeling the pinch of tight budgets.  Honey has been at his job for 5 years .... he has been given ONE 3% raise which was quickly taken away with a 10% pay cut. The pay cut has been restored but it is still far less than he made 10 years ago. I made more per hour in 1995 .... doing the same job with less responsibility.... than I do now at my current job with Retail-Hell.

And that is life for many of us.

But we that have been blessed with roofs over our head, heat in our houses and a warm meal on the stove have a responsibility to help those that ........... don't.

I have heard the cop-out line over and over again .... I've got bills to pay.  I have groceries to buy.  Yea??? And no one else does????

I am seeing amazing stories of charity by people that know they need to make the world a better place.  I am certain, there will be Christmas gifts eliminated, cable services cut, a shopping trip delayed, a visit to the library and not the bookstore..... all in the name of God.

If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.

Nothing is insignificant. A gift can be as small as a mustard seed........ and it can move mountains.  A dollar here.... five dollars there.  An extra box of pasta in your grocery cart for a food pantry. Another cake for a bake sale.  An hour of your time.  A warm coat which doesn't quite fit ... but will fit someone in need.  Our gifts may be small ...........but together they will grow and flourish.

I have been inspired by some amazing women.  Maggie is giving $5 for every student that enrolls in one of my classes.......... again to go to the North Scott Food pantry. Her generosity also extends to women in business (Kiva loans) and abandon pets.  My friends Leslie and Tesi have tirelessly worked and danced  for Charity Water. (I personally like the drinking part! I have a talent for that!!)

And none of them are wealthy ........... except in spirit and kindness and love. Which really does make them the wealthiest people that I know!!!  I am honored to have their friendship and blessed by living in a world that they are constantly try to improve.

So I challenge you to move a mountain in your community. Join in with others... pick a cause and go for it!!! Be creative.  Find an unusual way to raise money.

Its a bit of time .... a bit of yourself.  Give.  And give again.

The world will thank you.


hotflawedmama said…
I'm so happy the world knows you are one of those people who gives in a plethora of ways. So happy to be amongst people like you!

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