Remember this?

Remember the box? I bought it earlier this summer from a roadside antique-barn-flea-market-type-thing near Clinton, Iowa.

It was one of those great shops with junk.  Pure junk.  But junk with potential.

And now ...........................

I have a perfectly antiqued box that blue mason jars fit into.  The box was $5.  The paint was $1 at ReStore.  I rubbed the box with a candle at the corners and along the edges so that the paint would come off easily.  They call this a resist method in the trade.  I call it .... paint don't stick'em!  Then I used a sanding sponge to rub the areas where I wanted show wear..

So far so good.  But it still looked too new for me.  So I coated it with walnut stain and rubbed that off.

It gives it a grubby, dirty look.  Kind of like my hands and knees in May.

Yea.  That grubby.

Then finally, a coat of paste wax and it is ready!  Anything that holds flowers and looks like this, is so worth the hour of work it took!!!!! Really.  An hour....... max.  Drying time is the big hold up.

Then there is the flouncing of the tablecloth.  I love long tablecloths but dragging on the floor outside .... its not cool.

So I flounced it.  I saw this before .... decades ago!!.... and did it for a Christmas party. (My old friends remember the parties in Moline ... bands, shrimp, crab, lots of wine ... it was crazy!!!)  But then .... I used a moire tablecloth and lace ribbons.

I love the look.

And I did broke down and bought chalkboard paint.

Seriously, this could be an addiction.  I think I am painting everything in sight!  I have a project I'm working on right now ... it won't be done until early next week.  But I did complete this.

And finally ..... Friday Oct 1st is the last day for BYOB at Miss Eff's.  The weather prediction is for a frost, possibly a hard freeze, over the weekend.

The growing season is coming to an end.

Bring Your Own Bucket and fill it up like Mary Jo did.

Yep .... all these flowers .... $10.

Damn, I'm going to miss them!!!!!


Ginny said…
I would miss those flowers also, just beautiful. Sorry to hear you might need your long underwear.
corinne said…
Love all of the decorating ideas, Martha, I have to get up there and check it out...not today, Den is bringing hay : ).

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