They had me at chocolate..........

Saturday night, Honey and I went to Once upon an Autumn Evening at the Mill Creek Cafe in Clarence Iowa.

I am not sure how many different ways I can say ......... Delicious!!!!

But I will try my very best.  First of all, this fits all my criteria for great eating.  Small, local independent eatery. Everything is made from scratch .... always. No boxes .... no frozen MRE's.... just good food.

Appetizers ..... meatballs, a chicken salad canape and awesome stuffed pastry with cheese and pepperoni (I think).  Notice there are two meatballs missing.....   Yea, we tasted those and instantly looked at each other and said "This is blog-worthy!"

No pics of the salad but just a nice fresh great green salad with mandarin oranges and an oil and vinegar dressing.  Simple but oh so ...good.

My meal was a pecan-crusted prosciutto-stuffed chicken breast with a mushroom spinach sauce.  Yea ... it was as good as it sounds.  The chicken was done to perfection.  Crispy on the outside, yet juicy and delicious on the inside ... and the sauce was incredible!

Honey ordered BBQ pork ribs.  No knife was needed there.  And the scalloped potatoes were tender and creamy.

And then .... the green beans.  A little bit sweet ... maybe a little brown sugar but when wrapped with the bacon and cooked ......... oh my!

And then the showstopper!!! Chocolate Hazelnut pie ....... and yes, if you can believe it.... it was even better than it looks.
Oh ... I almost forgot.  All of that food... all of it! .... plus a beverage ......... $30.  

So that's my local food update .....I'm hoping they will remind me when the next evening meal will be.  I'm reserving a table for my friends.  So a big thanks to my friend Jen (who was also a very perky waitress!!! Even after 3 sittings!) for sharing the goodness of the Mill Creek Cafe.

I'll be back!


Michelle said…
Miss Eff, my hubby can't eat like that, according to his cardiologist. He's going to want to switch to HONEY'S cardiologist if I tell him about this!
Miss Effie said…
Michelle ... Honey can't either on a regular basis!!!

A couple of points -- 1) This is real food ... all from scratch. 2) I have gotten to the point that I worry more about preservatives and fake butters and fats than real food.

And if we are going to eat out -- let it be good food!! And the fact his last blood scan was really really good!!!
Michelle said…
Rick's first post-MI lipids test is at the first of the year; he is hoping for big changes to show. After that, maybe we can relax just a LITTLE.

Since I cook from scratch, the only food he got with the bad stuff in it was when he was away from home (lunch, basically), yet he still had a heart attack at 48. You can understand why we are cautious!
Miss Effie said…
Michelle ... I soooo understand. We are now three years out. The first couple of years were an absolute panic ... I spent more time crying over cooking .. and I always have cooked from scratch.

Sometimes -- exercise and healthy living aren't enough to prevent something that is genetic.

That being said ... the cardiologist told us if Honey wasn't in such good shape and didn't eat as well as we did .. his heart attack might had killed him.

Hang in there. It is really hard. But you know what is right to do. :) Drop me a note if you need anything.
Missy Flowers said…
Yum! That looks delicious! It's making me hungry. :-)
Mill Creek Cafe said…
We're so happy you enjoyed your meal! We'll be sure to let you know about upcoming special events. Thanks again for stopping by! :-)
Teri said…
Oh my GOSH! That looks wonderful! Excuse me - I think its lunch time! (but nothing to compare to that!! :)

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