Want your vote to really count???

If you are as tired of the arguing and the shouting and the political commercials as I am .... listen up.  I am giving you the opportunity to have your voice really heard.  Some one is going to hear what you say and take it to heart.

No ... they aren't in DC or Springfield or in Des Moines.

She's right here in beautiful downtown Donahue!

Its time to tell me what you want!

Seriously, I have been placing orders for next year and making plans.  And then I thought, "Hmmm... I wonder what my friends and customers might want??"

So its your turn to SPEAK OUT.  Tell me what you think.  So here we go..........

1) Hours ... Currently I am open 8-5 on Wed-Fri; 8-3 on Sat and 11-3 on Sunday.  Understanding the fact that this is a one-woman show and Honey still wants supper and clean underwear..... are there any changes in the hours that you would like to see? 

Would being open on Monday instead of Wednesday be more appealing???  I need one day totally off for myself ...... but I would like to schedule classes on a day that we are closed.

2) Flowers.... is there anything that you would like to see us grow?  Anything that I don't have enough of???
Any suggestions of things you would like to see???

3) Let's talk herbs ... do you want fresh herbs? Do you want to cut them?  Do you want me to cut and bundle them? And is there something that we don't have that you have been looking for?

4) What would you like to see sold in the Summer Kitchen?  Are baked goods of interest?  Do you want more craft items?  I am dedicated to totally local ... so don't say you want Vermont Maple Syrup or California wine!  Hmmm, I suddenly think a nice glass of Cabernet would be helpful right now..... (May have to re-think that one!!! Just for the owner!!!)

5) And what about veggies???  Remembering that I only have 2 little acres ... and 2 hands and 24 hours in a day (but I digress!!!) ............ would you buy veggies and what would you like??  I can't grow sweet corn ... lettuce is a little more time consuming than I handle..... but I would like to expand the offerings if you are interested!

6) And finally .... comments, questions and complaints.  What do we need (other than outdoor toilet facilities .. we know that one!) ... what would you like?

Thank you for taking my survey.  This time ... ya know .... your vote really counts!!!


Barb said…
What I really want....to live closer to you so I could enjoy all your wonderful goodness and energy. Any ELCA congregations looking for a pastor ( and a wee affordable acreage for me and my flocks???)
Michelle said…
I'm with Barb; I'm just too far away (and pouting about it!). No chance of moving for us, though....
Ginny said…
I'm with Barb and Michelle, Pennsylvania is a long way off, and we can't move either, antiques business is really taking off for us in this area. Maybe a vacation...when we retire (ha ha)
Miss Effie said…
So that's what I need!!! A guest house!!!!
hiccupp said…
ok so I was thinking and got to thinking a bit too much perhaps ;) but I think it'd be cool to do an 'evening' event. maybe once or twice a summer. you could do like a local wine and cheese, hors d'ouvres thing, maybe as a fundraiser for the food pantry. and/or a night kids could come out and catch fire-flies at miss eff's. that's not what you asked though is it lol

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