Wow! What a weekend!!

Honey and I fled eastern Iowa last weekend.  After day after day, week after week, working and working here on the farm.  Seriously, a big-time-trip away from home was a trip to the ice cream shop in DeWitt! It was time to flea. 

As in flea market!

Did you know that I just love, love, LOVE me a flea market????  Do I ever!!!

One of my favorite flea market is in the little town of What Cheer, IA.  It is held the first weekend of May, August and October.

It has been a while since we have been there.  But it sure didn't disappoint!

 These bags may become aprons ......... or pillows ........... or both!

I loved these red ware plates.  Hand-made, folk-y, wonderful!  They are going into my kitchen.

These adorable child-sized hangers are getting an updated look and then will be for sale in the Summer Kitchen.

I bought three vintage hats that will be for rent next summer. The one on the right could use a little work from a milliner.  But who knows a milliner????  Gorgeous shape and in great condition .... except the ribbon needs some work. :(  I would seriously wear it.  A lot!

After we purchased a tractor seat and a lightening rod for the Summer Kitchen, it was on to Day 2 of  Honey and Miss Eff's big adventure.

Tomorrow .......... FarmCrawl in Central Iowa!!!


Great finds Cathy! I am LOVING the feed sack.
BlueGate said…
Oddly enough, I know a milliner : )
Unfortunately, he's in Houston ; (
Ginny said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ginny said…
Hi Miss Eff, ladies you visit my booth at our antique shows have been making pillows out of our sacks. We sold out at our last show in Sept.

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