Your Peanut Butter is in my Hot Chocolate???

Remember the Reese's peanut butter commercial?  Your chocolate is in my peanut butter!

Well, I have had a love affair with peanut butter and chocolate for years.  My favorite malt is a peanut butter-chocolate malt.  I love Nutella and other similar products.  And peanut butter fudge???  Don't get me started!

I have been working on a new hot cocoa mixes for the Summer Kitchen.  The Turtle cocoa mix we created last week was good.  But when a Reese's Pieces inspired a Peanut Fudge Cocoa mix...... well, it took me just a few minutes to do some culinary creating!

More like culinary magic, according to Honey.

Hurry fast ..... they may not last!


hotflawedmama said…
oh sweet, sweet mother that sounds like something I need.

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