Bedroom Re-do .... Day Two.


I have made a little progress on the bedroom decorating project.

First on my agenda was re-arranging  and tossing out.  The hanging lamp has a new home at ReStore in Davenport.  I'm sure they are delighted with the 1970's colonial look.

The Norman Rockwell poster is residing at Goodwill.

And the trunk at the end of the bed is now a display piece for pillows and throws in the Summer Kitchen.  Wait.  There are no pillows and throws in the Summer Kitchen.  Little steps, Miss Eff.  Little steps.

This is my new nightstand.  It was the end table in my living room.


The bigger news is the change in the bedspread/coverlet.  I like this coverlet.  But its burgundy.  And I want a brighter room .... not so subdued.  (Yea .... kind of like some one you know!  Not subdued at all!)

The coverlet is just a few years old.  100% cotton.  So Rit dye to the rescue.   Ahhh .... lookie there! Two different shades of red.

Yea.  This was one of those if-at-first-you-don't-succeed moments. Yep.  The third time was truly a charm.

I started the dye process by grabbing the coverlet and shams and washing them.  Then, I stripped the color out.  Then I dyed them in hot water for a double wash cycle..  Then I washed them again in hot water for a double wash cycle.  Then I dried them.  Took aaaaaalllllllll afternoon.

Happy with the results, I went to put everything back on the bed.

And saw the second pillow sham on the floor!!!

So back to the fabric store to get more dye.  And through the process again ... except the color stripping.  I did both pillow shams to make sure they were really close to the same color.

And I got this ..............again.

Another trip to the fabric store.... another bottle of dye and yes, I bought another box of color remover.

Victory in the bedroom, at last!!  (Honey ... be quiet!)

The floral fabric that is pictured with be the new draperies.  The plaid will be a duvet cover.

So a little progress was made.  This week, its the closet re-do and the painting of this nightstand.  More to come!


Barb said…
Those colors are wonderful. It will be a cozy place to bring up cups of hot chocolate and snuggle under the covers and watch a blizzard through your new draperies. (All these thoughts of winter because of the current temps here.)

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