Fuzzy-Wuzzy was .........................

 two furry kittens!

OK ... Little-Face-Fluffy-Tail is truly a blond cat. Seriously, doesn't she know better than to have kittens in the fall?  But being a little slutty, she found herself in a motherly-way.  She hid it very well. But on a wet cold evening in October, she delivered in a bed of dead impatiens.

I really think she didn't know what to do....... she followed me around, meowing loudly. I ignored her.  I'm good at that, she would attest.  But when I heard a cry of a cold wet kitten ...... I knew something had happened.

I found two small but seemingly, healthy kittens.  And a first-time mother that didn't have a clue!!!

I was certain that these little kittens didn't have a chance......

But Little-Face-Fluffy-Tail (my friend Mona says that's her Indian name! Mona can say that ... she has lots of Native American blood in her!!! And her family met my family when they got off the Mayflower.  They are a friendly bunch!!!) has proven to be a good mama.

So now ........ I have a dilemma.  The kids need names.  We already have Izzy, Right (Left lives up the road) 3 Georges (George, Little George and Really Fast Fat George), Little-Face-Fluffy-Tail ......... and two more that don't have names ... except black cat with ring around its tail and the gray fluffy thing.  Oh ... and there is Yoda Jo, Patches Ann and Phrapher.

Can you help me out??  They need names.  Little yellow kitten and little tortoise shell kitten.  Be brilliant.  Don't be ordinary.  And comment away. 

I'll let you know what I decide.


Siri said…
How about Dolce and Carina (sweet and cute in Italian)?
I'm afraid I'm just not imaginative enough. Out two newest rescues are Owen and Otis.
Elllen said…
Tortue (pronounced tour-tea) French for tortoise and Jaune for the blond, which is also the French translation.
Teri said…
OK - Thank GOODNESS I don't live near you!!! OMG - I would just steal them from you - they are SO cute! Fluffy Tail looks just like our Doodles (except he is a boy). We call him "Swiffer Tail" Sorry, no name ideas - I just wanted to drool over their cuteness factor!!
love, Love, LOVE kitties!
Margaret Tirpak said…
They are adorable!!! <3

I like Pebbly-boo for the little tortoise shell kitten (boo because the eyes look like it's winning peek-a-boo) and the yellow kitten should be Dunes (or Dunette) because s/he reminds me of the color of the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes here in Michigan just off Turtle Island.

Sherry said…
I think you already named them... Fuzzy and Wuzzy. The girls can't wait to meet them.
My son has a cat that is tortoise shell colored too. He calls him turtle. How bout butters for the yellow one. I never purposely named a cat before. My own black cat is long and lanky, and whenever I see him in the barn, I ask him for the meow meow news. My grandkids inquire now as to how Meow Meow News Lanky Lou is doing. Names happen.
awww.... they are so cute. I've been trying to talk Ry into a kitten. He's not sold. He says two demon pugs are enough.

Ryan's brother and sister-in-law just named their cat Beavis. I thought that was funny.
Sharon Wren said…
Ringo for the dark one! Unless he's naughty, then maybe Voldemort? And what about Jean Gray for the other, from X Men?
Vonlipi said…
Teepee for the blond one and cloud for the tortoise one. :)

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