Honey wants to know..................

Exactly whose turn was it to watch me?????

Its been a rough week .......... four local food/farming meetings and/or events.  Throw in a presentation and three work shifts ... including unloading a semi.... and I am beat!  Then blend in bread baking, laundry, painting, knitting 4 scarves and 2 pairs of slippers... yea, it was time to escape life. 

Well... at least, I needed to escape Iowa!!

So for EIGHT glorious hours, I didn't get a single phone call (I do not and will not own a cell phone) No emails telling me how to farm.  Or what the definition of local is. No nagging thoughts about doing dishes and ironing shirts. Eight hours of absolute splendor!!

Note .... I didn't say silence.  Every so often .... I really like being alone with my thoughts.  But not yesterday! I hopped in the car .... popped Leonard Cohen into the CD player ........ and blasted it!!! 

You know .... you are driving along and you hear a song that you really really really like........ so you play it again.  And in my case .... again and again and again.  I am certain that people look and see this little old gray-haired woman (who can barely see over the steering wheel!!) and think .......... Oh, the poor dear is senile.  She keeps playing that song over again.  And she must be very deaf!

Yea ..... I'm just rockin' out!

So I rocked my way to Argyle,Wisconsin to see Kristie, Kathy and Carrie at the Argyle Fiber Mill.

I had called last week .... I sold some hand-spun yarn, had a yarn shop want to buy some of my hand-spun .. and I realized my fiber stash was decreasing rapidly and winter is almost here.  For spinners and knitters.... its kind of like stocking up the pantry and splitting wood for the wood stove.  (Oh yea... we do that too........) 

Seriously ... I wouldn't dream of going into winter without 150 quarts of tomatoes.  How could I possibly think about going into winter without several pounds of fleece????

So I call the Argyle Fiber Mill...........Hi, I'm from Davenport and I need fleece.  And I am looking for colors .. not too much natural. 

Is this Miss Effie??????

Yea .... true story. 

Icelandic Roving from Argyle Fiber Mill

 So Kristie, after explaining they read this blog and they only process natural alpaca and Icelandic for sale in their store........ offered to take me to Rainbow Fleece Farm.  We didn't go until I bought some natural Icelandic roving and a gray Lopi yarn.


 No website.  On a winding back road..... I'll never find it again!!!! And I have a good sense of direction!!!

Rainbow Fleece Farm

But fabulous Blue Faced Leicester and Merino blend roving and yarn!

I'm thinking about plying a single of the red and the green multi-colored together.  There is a lot of red in it. At this angle it looks more brown. I'm not sure........ all I can do it is try it.  And frog it if I don't like it!!!!

So I think -- I am fairly set for a snowy day. Or month. Hopefully.  I love being stuck in the house with the wheel and the fiber!

Oh yea.... this has got to get done first.  Two pounds of blended brown and cream alpaca.  Soft .. Yummy .. but slow!

After a stop to pick up some New Glarus beer and a major cheese expedition, (yea... I got some Pleasant Ridge Reserve ... one of my all-time favorite cheeses!) ... I had refreshed my soul enough to come home.

To a computer full of emails... a stack of dirty dishes .......a pile of laundry.... and bread that needed to be baked.

I love my life!!!!!!!!!!


Barb said…
I love all the colors, rainbow and natural alike. Do you have an Ashford Wheel? (The flyer looks familiar.)

I have a garage full of fleeces and need to get them skirted and washed. But I also have a multitude of bags upstairs, already processed, waiting to be spun up. I use the fiber mill that is about a mile from me (I know!! Lucky me!!) It's call Mystic Water Llamas and Fiber Mill. www.mysticwaterllama. They do a really nice job.

I am so glad you got to get away and enjoy your day. I did that when I went to SOAR a week ago (just hung out, no classes). You can check it out on my blog. www.plumthicketyplace.blogspot.com.Wonderful break from life.

Happy Fibering!
BlueGate said…
Absolutely beautiful rovings! Thinking its time for a ROAD TRIP!!
Ginny said…
I think the red and green multi will look fab!! Post pictures when you have it spun, and we know you will spin that. Your day sounded like just what you needed. I could see you smiling as you posted your day.

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