Knittin' Knittin' Knittin' Keep 'em needles knittin'

Honey and I spent the last week in Denver, visiting Eldest Daughter. (I would link you to her blog ... but you would be reading last year's news!! Hint. Hint)

I tell ya .... she is fantastic.  Arranged the itinerary by yarn shops.  Well, maybe not totally on purpose.... but she did awesome!

First stop ... South Broadway (So Bro ... as the locals would say!) in Denver .... Fancy Tiger Crafts.  Hip .. cool.. GREAT fleece.  Fun.  I loved it!  I would move in.  And they had a dog.... any store that has a store pet goes right to the top of the must-go list!!!!!  Personally ... I'm a cat person.  But store pets are a must in my book!!!!  Never trust a yarn store that doesn't have a pet.

Here .... I only bought roving...........

Oh .... and these uber-cute stitch markers. I really need some chicken markers.... but I settled for sheep.  But they don't have spots.  The sheep in my neighborhood have spots. I want markers with spots!

Then it was off to Boulder.  I first have to say .... I am not liberal enough for Boulder.  Yes ... we all know that I am waaaayyyy too liberal for Donahue.  And even a bit tooo liberal for Davenport.  In Boulder, I look like a member of the John Birch Society.  But I would move there in a heart beat and they could reform me.  It would be an easy job.

I fell in love with the Pearl Street Mall .......... and Gypsy Wools.  Eldest Daughter made the mistake of parking right in front of the store. 

Yarn, fleece........ spinning wheel.  The signs were all there.  Do not stop.  Keep on going.  Hand the clerk $200.  (Seriously ... two minutes in the store. Any longer it would have been just that!  Fortunately, I hadn't found a bank yet!)

But I did find 500 yards of hand-dyed mohair.  Oohhhh, Baby!!!! I'm sure it will go into scarves and slippers.  I'm loving the colors.

We had already made a stop at Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins where I bought more yarn.  Actually, quite a bit of it has been knitted up already. But I did buy a couple of skeins of Manos.  I love knitting with this yarn.  I actually I have no idea what I will do with this.

But isn't that what stash is for????  And already, I am certain that I didn't buy enough.

So what have I been doing with all this stuff????

First of all ........ new slippers.  Wool ... mohair.  Warm. Cozy. And with this wind today ....I may be knitting the Manos into a pair for me!

Then a couple of more scarves.  The drape-y one .... a smoke ring made of  Tussah Silk .. hand-dyed and hand-spun by the uber-talented wizard of the dye bath ... Maggie from PrairieLand Herbs.

And I have been using up every scrap in the scrappy scarf above. It looks like rainbow sherbet. Wool, silk, angora, mohair, and alpaca. 

Yea ... I'll admit it.  I am a yarn snob.

But my snobby yarn addiction makes these super soft and wonderful.  What are those little rounds of fuzz? Coffee cozies.  Lots of coffee cozies. 

I'd hate for your Starbucks to get cold.

And speaking of colds, tomorrow I will tell you how I protected myself from seasonal viruses forever ...... by surviving the mint room!  Ahhhh........ the smell of peppermint.


Wow....they all look AMAZING Cathy!! I can feel the fuzzy softness through my computer. :-) Hope to see you this week!! Girls laying at all?
Michelle said…
Yeah, it's pretty hard to find GOOD sheep, with pretty colors and perky ears, in any kind of fun, crafty or artsy item. ;-)
corinne said…
It's too bad your neighbor is too lazy to make you some properly spotted sheep stitch markers ; ).
I love the slippers.
Look at all those pretties.

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