Oh, Lord..... Won't you buy me.............

a Mercedes-Benz.  

I know Janice Joplin asked for one. But Lord, I just want to be safe and healthy. And if that's not possible, I ask for your grace and forgiveness.

Really, can we ask for any more than that???

Well... I won't.  I have been blessed with an amazing life.  And so it right for me to open my heart ... like I expect others to do. So here is the plan......

There is a little event here in the QCA called Wine to Water. It's elegant, classy, delicious and fun.   These women raised over $100,000 last year to drill wells in Liberia.  Five-six women and an idea.  And success. 

They are amazing.

I feel strongly about business being involved in the community.  And not just lip-service or volunteering once in a while.  But actual, open up the billfold and let the money and time and energy fly!!!! 

And I know we all have bills to pay.  And we all have groceries to buy. But if you serve the Lord in the way that he asks, he will provide.  May not be a Mercedes-Benz..... but I trust in his love and his promise.  Besides, I can only watch one television at a time!

So Miss Eff is doing this.  The Summer Kitchen will be open extended hours on Friday.  9 to 5.  ALL proceeds..... ALL proceeds will go to Water for Christmas.  Just come out... buy what you want and write the check to Water for Christmas. 

Jams, cocoa mix, granola, scarves, slippers and dishcloths..... anything that I have for sale. EVERYTHING! 100% of the sale will go to Water for Christmas and Charity Water.

If you don't want to make the drive to rural Scott county or you live too far .... go to this link and give $20 to provide fresh clean water to one person for 20 years.

Miss Eff thanks you .... from the bottom of her heart.


hotflawedmama said…
Miss Eff, I really am weeping over my computer. I know people know you and love you but I'm not sure the random lover of your business or your ideals understands your true generosity of spirit.


Thanks so much for everything you're doing for the event. I am humbled beyond belief that you would extend this into your business.

I think I'll just ride your coattails into heaven m'lady.

Excited to see you Saturday!
Beth said…
God bless you. Really. What an inspiration. Thank you!

Look forward to seeing you Saturday evening.
Barb said…
I just sent in my donation to Doctors Without Borders for this month. However, December's donation will go to this cause. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

My current business is slowing down dramatically, thus plummeting my income. But I have so much to be thankful for all around me. I am safe to walk my street, road and woods. I don't have to cover myself head-to-toe in order to avoid a beating. As a woman I can own my own business. I have food, shelter and can worship without being afraid that the church will be bombed. I can turn on the faucet and get water anytime...as long as the electricity hasn't gone haywire. ;o) So lucky.

We were very involved with the international students when my husband attended seminary. We lived in student housing (really crappy, old trailers...seriously sad). When we would have some of the African students over for supper they would tell us how lucky we were to live in such a house. Blew us away!!
Anonymous said…
Just donated in honor of Miss Effie. (Or should I say TO honor Miss Effie?)

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