Summer Kitchen update!

Summer Kitchen as seen yesterday!

 Do you guys even know how much I love you????

Pincushions .. made by Julie Wall.  I keep thinking the blue one should be MINE!

Even though ... there isn't insulation between the studs, drywall on the walls or bead board on the ceiling, you have been supporting us.  And I thank you so very much.

Hand-felted soaps by Julie Wall.... just scrub that winter skin right off with soft local wool!

And although, there may only be one or two pairs of slippers, a half a dozen scarves and maybe you have to wait to get a full dozen eggs.......... you come and you visit and you make me happy.

Cupcake tree ornaments from recycled sweaters ... Too Sweet!!

And the Summer Kitchen is still missing windows and the current lighting includes 3 bare bulbs, you are proving to me ... that you want locally produced products. 

Adorable, isn't it???  After posting this picture on Face Book .... its sold!

I don't know how to tell you how very much I love all of you........... my crafty friends and my loyal wonderful customers.   Scratch that! You aren't merely customers .... you have become my family.

Hand-knit scarves out of luxury yarns and hand-spun.

So .... thank you.  The Summer Kitchen will be open on Friday 11/19 from 9-3.  We will be closed the Friday after Thanksgiving (Black Friday!)

BUT we will be open on Saturday 11/27 ... Small Business Saturday ... to celebrate the wonderful small businesses that really do make a difference in how we live! 

And to help out with your Christmas shopping ........Mark your calendar!  We are hosting a bazaar on Saturday 12/11.  Yea ... stay out of the mall and come to the farm for your last minute gifts.  OK ..... I will entice you just a bit more........... nut rolls.  Salted nut rolls. 

Need I say more???????


I so want to get out there! One of these weeks I'm just going to have to pack up the kids and come.
I'm loving the window painted. Just adorable.
Luisa said…
I love the snowman in the window pane.
Beth said…
You know I will be there in December. Best granola I have ever tasted and we love that strawberry jam! Blessed Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!

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