A teabag does its best work in hot water.

 I have been very very blessed in my lifetime.  I have beautiful daughters; a wonderful, fantastic, creative and funny husband; supportive, imaginative friends; a good roof over my head ................... and a newish well.  (New enough that I am still paying for it!)

So just a reminder .... the Summer Kitchen will be open on Friday 11/12 from 9-5 for a unique shopping experience.  EVERY dime that is spent in the Summer Kitchen will go to Water 4 Christmas and the
Wine to Water event on Saturday 11/13.

For you that don't know ... the Summer Kitchen keeps on its road to progress but its not done yet. (But it does have an awesome lightening rod on top of its swoooopy roof!) 

Hand knit scarves .. alpaca, silk, mohair, hand-spun wool

 And since I insist on Always Local, All the Time ........ additions come slow.  But here is a short preview of what will be in the Summer Kitchen on Friday!

Cotton bath mitts
Cocoa mixes .... including peanut butter fudge and turtle cocoa mix.  Jams and jellies .... nice batch of Sunshine Jam ... it just makes me happy in the morning!

Hand-spun yarn ... and I might be working on some more!
There will be a granola tasting .... date-pecan so you can try that before you buy.

Warm toasty slippers made from hand-spun yarn and blended with mohair.  Soft and stretching!

Our newest offerings include postcards from the farm .... Remember Walter??????

It is always tea time at Miss Effie's.

 There will be home-baked bread .... boule' and Asiago cheese bread. And four dozen very fresh eggs!! And tea.

My thrift store tea service!! Don't you just love it????

 Come join me for tea and cookies. And write a check to Water for Christmas.

Because we are blessed to have a good well.


Beth said…
Be warned. We are coming. All of us. Looking forward to seeing you!

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