Will it go round in Circles??

So ... I have lived well over half my life.  Even if I live longer than my grandparents and most of my great-grandparents, I only have another 40 some years. But in that first half ..... I have seen a lot of things go round in circles.

In style.  Hot. Groovy. Hip. Cool.  New. Fresh. Contemporary.

then suddenly ......................

Yesterday. Old-fashioned. Out-dated. Boring. Whatever. Dinosaur.

When I was growing up, we all sewed, knitted, cooked.  We just learned how to do that kind of stuff. Heck!  I'd come home from school and decide that I had nothing to wear so I rummage through the stash of fabric and sew something new that night.  I could bake.  I could knit.  I could embroider. 

And I did.  And so did my friends.  And we were proud of our accomplishments. Those talents were just part of our every day life ... like breathing.

And the 80's came.  Dinners "out" were the norm.  You dressed for success.  And we all knew .... success wasn't found in homemade woolen suits or hand-knitted socks. It was the beginning of branding our butts with Gloria Vanderbilt and Calvin Klein.  Our homes were decorated with only the finest..... no thrift store buys then!  A homemade touch???  Not so much.

And I found Prozac.  I needed it.  My accomplishments were crushed by the fashion of life.

A score passes (wow.... I always wanted to say that!  A score!!!) and suddenly, the old gal that sews and knits and spins and cans is not odd.  But in.

And I like it and I am happy.  And I celebrate in the moment. 

But I know ..... this too will pass.

Like the mini skirt and the go-go boot..... they will come and they will go.  Like short or long hair, straight hair or curls ............... they will come and they will go. 

Because if I know nothing else ... we Americans are fickle.  And impatient. If you don't believe me, ask President Obama.  Yea.  You understand.

And soon.... the old gal that sews and spins and knits and cans ... will be odd, not in.

The lifestyle that I am growing is one that demands patience and time.  It is not a lifestyle of convenience and instant rewards.  And sooner than I want, it will be .........

Yesterday. Old-fashioned. Out-dated. Boring. Whatever. Dinosaur.

I just hope I will be able to find the Prozac.


Barb said…
Want to be a hermitess with me? Then we can be cool all by ourselves!! :o)
Carol said…
I don't think you'll need that prozac when you are no longer cool. Speaking for myself, cool is not a status I even care about. I like the person that God made, and all I need to know is that I will live for Him. Confidentially, you'll always be cool in my book!
Ruth Trowbridge said…
Excellent writing here - we must be about the same age. I don't think our life skills will ever go out of fashion again, here's hoping. Peace

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