Be careful what you ask for...............

I have too much stuff.

Yea.  Like you didn't know that already.

But I do. I also have too few cabinets in my kitchen. So I asked for a second pot rack.

Now I already have a rack that hangs above the island.  But with teaching more classes here at home, I need more stock pots, more strainers, more equipment.  And I have no place to put them.  So I had this blank wall.

I love blank walls!!  Nothing like an opportunity to expand your world!

Now it is time to get creative.  I needed a pot rack that was essentially .................... free

Yep.  Something that cost nothing. Zip.  Zilch. Nada.

Cattle panels to the rescue.  If you don't use cattle panels in your landscape/home decor ........ you are missin' the boat, Sista!!! You can do anything with a cattle panel.  $25 and endless possibilities.  But I digress.

Honey proceeded to make a pot rack out of 2x2'x and cattle panels.  And pocket screw technology. (I learned that from Norm!)

He hung it in the only empty desired space.  And we had this .................

Yep.  The leaning cupboard of Donahue.

The rack was level ... but the cupboard.  Not so much. No, that's not an optical illusions.  1-3/4" difference in 3 feet.

I bought this cupboard 7 or 8 years ago at the Donahue Combination sale.  You can buy anything at the Donahue Combination sale.  Boats. Roosters. Console televisions are popular items. Rabbits. Light fixtures. Junk.  I paid $75 for this cupboard.  After I bought it, a guy came up to me and asked if it was an antique and if that was why I paid so much for it.  It is as old as my house.  My house was built in 1892. It can lean a bit.  I will let it.  But 1-3/4" is too much!

Honey works in engineering.  I was an interior designer.  (I'll say it under my breath! Note. Was is the operative word.)  We would go nuts looking at that!!!

The house is crooked.  The floor sags.  The cupboard leans. But we have got to make it look better than that!

But making it better means getting to the back of the cupboard.  And getting to the back of the cupboard means emptying and cleaning this.

 Uhhh.  Yea.  See the first line of this post.

Fortunately, deep cleaning the kitchen cabinets was on the list! Number 4 .... under Household.

So I emptied the cupboard ....... wash the interior and exterior ....... vacuumed the dust bunnies and cobwebs from behind it.  Honey took over at this point and straightened the cupboard with turnbuckles for screen doors. 

Ahh................ it is square again.  Sort of.  Kind of.  Better.  Good enough!

Since we are beginning to the paint trim in the kitchen ........ Honey painted the wainscoting behind the cupboard.  (Same color as the pot rack.)  We won't have to empty it again!!! We did not finish that section of wall though, as that meant emptying and moving the fridge.  I only have so much energy in me in one day!!!!

So now ............ I have this cupboard.  Organized.

And this pot rack.


And life is good in my little crooked house.


melanie said…
Wow, could I use your hubby....
Anna said…
What a great cabinet. That sale sounds like a blast!
Teri said…
I love that pot rack! How cool is that??
BlueGate said…
OH you get BIG points for the pot rack...LOVE IT!
Miss Effie,

Wow, what a lot of work! It looks so much better now :-) I am so excited that you'll be linking up to our 111 Things in 1/11 Party. See you on Friday the 7th!


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