Fiber ... beer. Beer ........ fiber.

When I was growing up ... knitting was somewhat a solitary activity. 

At our house, you sat quietly in the living room and knit.  You would knit while listening to the stereo play the soundtracks to The Man of La Mancha or My Fair Lady.  Quietly. You would never KIP'd.  (That is Knitting In Public for the non-knitting public!)  And loud raucous laughter???  Double Never!!!!!!

Well ... I really like KIP-ing.  I carry my knitting everywhere...... and when I have a chance, I knit.  Except at church ... which is really kind of difficult for me because there is a gal that knits all the way through church!!  And I just want to say .... But she does it!!!  But I don't, Lord.  As much as I want to .... I don't.  And I really try not to lust over her yarn. :)

So the other day ......... Honey and I went to Mineral Point for cheese, beer and fiber.  And not in that order.

First stop ........ Brewery Creek brewery.   Yea .... beer.  Oh ... and food.  We were hungry.  And thirsty.  Definitely thirsty.

We were seated at a small table near the window.  But right next to three women that were finishing up their lunches.  Somehow ... I picked up words that peaked my interest......... cloud, fiber, merino.  Ahhh .... knitters and spinners.  And then......... their needles were pulled out.

I suddenly found the perfect place to KIP!!  A brewery!!  I want to KIP at a brewery .... a nice IPA or stout in front of me.  Maybe a amber ale or a porter.  I want to KIP at a small local brewery!

So, there I was ...... with role models in front of me... turning heels, whipping up last-minute Christmas presents ........... just knitting away.

Honey knew I couldn't let it go.  So after I finished my incredibly awesome Salmon-Caper salad with Hook's Paradise Blue Cheese crumbles over it (yea ... yummmmm!) .......... I stopped at their table and snapped this photo.

And talked.  Ya gotta to talk to role models like this!!!!  And I discovered even more role-model behavior. (other than the fact, they had been to a couple of yarn stores in the morning!)

Here ... on the cover of Spin-Off ... for posterity....... are the fingerless gloves that Jane (in red with that wonderful cabled scarf!) designed.  And inside, their knitting group from Madison WI .... showing off all the variations.

Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History.

Yea ............... role models!


BlueGate said…
Love it! So come back over this way and we will spend an afternoon initiating Peace Tree Brewery to the joys of fiber and beer!
girlwithasword said…
ooh I wanna play Jill...! :)
Miss Effie said…
OK -- its a party!! I am no longer working retail so I have time.

Pencil in a date in Jan. and I am game!!!
Christine said…
Love it! I have been known to partake of a glass of wine or two while knitting, why not beer? :)
Michelle said…
I had to grin about your "not knitting in church" paragraph. I can't bring myself to do it, either, even though sometimes it would be just the thing to keep me focused and listening, and there is a lady who sometimes attends the same church who crochets during the service. Ah well, we know it would be wrong for us because that still, small voice has told us so. ;-)
Barb said…
Hhhhhhmm....I am a pastor's wife; I am a knitter. Maybe I should start a trend. I always sit in the balcony and it is just me and the bell ringer and I'm sure he wouldn't mind. It's just that I get a little vocal (as in *&@^$ vocal) when I discover a dropped stitch. I'm sure the church ladies wouldn't approve. My hubby is used to it. :o)
Lisa said…
Pints and purls! Yum, that makes a perfect afternoon.
BlueGate said…
Pints & Purls! I LOVE that! I'm going to suggest it to Meagan at Peace Tree right now!
Sharon Wren said…
Pints & Pearls? If it comes to the IL side, I'm in!
Miss Effie said…
Sharon .. you should come with me!!! Seriously... you would LOVE these women!!! Jill, Maggie and Lois ... only one word to describe them ... AMAZING!!!!

Think about it. Really.

I'll drive.
Margaret said…
I CIP - Crochet in Public!

I'm at a front desk in an office in HR and I crochet while on the phone, lunch hour, and those precious 5 minutes when a meeting is going to start any moment. I'm lucky to have an office that allows crocheting, meditation, and other forms of staying stress free at work - and they stopped making fun of me when they realized they want to learn how!

Hmm,.. a brewery? I don't drink beer, but I'll have to scope it out!

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