My friend, Kim is getting to me, I tell ya!!!

First of all .... she is the DIY Queen.  The woman is amazing!!! She sews, she scrapbooks, she crafts.  She dry walls, she paints, she builds fences and she does plumbing (cuz we all know that we channel our energy right through our hubbies!!!)  And you soooo have to check out her "Dare-to" blog party. 

I'd be there ..... but I have been too busy DIY-ing!!!

But I digress. Every month .... Kim writes her goals ... down.  On the computer.  For the world to evaluate and judge.  And then she scratches off what she accomplishes.  Which is always super-lots!!!!!!

So ... I am taking a cue from Kim .... and I am writing down the household goals of Miss Eff.  For the week ... not the month.  We all know, I am not that focused!!!!!!

This week's goals .... as engraved in stone .... or silicon chips.... whatever.

1) Knit 12 dishcloths........... Seriously, where did all the ones I have knit gone????? Oh -- a Rule # Uno of Retail....... replace what you sell!

2) Make 2 batches of cocoa mix.

3) Make one batch of carrot cake jam

4) Knit 2 scarves

5) Spin three skeins of yarn

6) Decorate the Summer Kitchen.

7) Make 7 stars/snowflakes to hang from the ceiling of the Summer Kitchen.

8) Bake a batch of thumbprint cookies for our customers.

9) Bake 2 batches of granola and 6 loaves of bread.

10) Decorate the house.

11) Fill this jars with dish scrubbies.  Its a gallon Ball commemorative jar.  Its big.  The scrubbies aren't!

12) Teach a jam making class

13) Attend a Buy Fresh-Buy Local board meeting

14) Convince you that you have to come see Five Fabulous Farmers ... a Bizarre Bazaar (possibly in a blizzard .... how's that for alliteration?) on Saturday 12/11  from 9 to 3 in the Summer Kitchen.

15) Do a blog post. 

Yes!  I can scratch that one off!


melanie said…
Where does sleep fit on the list?
Dan Mays said…
I'm going to stop procrastinating ... tomorrow.
Margaret said…
Wow! And I thought crocheting a scarf in 2 weeks was quick, you're going to do 2 and all that!? You go, girl!
BlueGate said…
You are a force of nature, Cathy!
Whoa. Seriously, you are a wonder....and so is Kim. ;-) And Carrot Cake jam??? How did I miss that one? Well the strawberry we just bought is almost gone....I'll have to come back and replace it. ;-)...and more cocoa mix....and some of that pretty soap....you're going to have to be open more often. he he he
Holy moley! This is an amazing list! Thanks for the shout out and kind words. They mean a lot. Let us know how this goes! We're all behind you.

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