I'm not ready for this!!!!

It is 22 degrees on the East Coast of Iowa today.  With the wind chill ....... it feels like it is -2.  Yea.

In the Midwest ..... if it is 85 degrees, it feels like 95 degrees.  That is heat index.  In the winter.... if it is 30 degrees and windy .... it feels like 10 degrees. That is wind chill.

We have no accurate temperatures in the Midwest. 

It is never 20 degrees and it feels like 20 degrees.  Actually .... I'm not sure if I know what 20 degrees feels like.

Other than cold.

So right now ..... I am dressed in my sleeveless pj's (cuz of night sweats ..... if you don't understand that, ask your mother!) wool socks, fingerless mitts, slippers with a shawl wrapped around me.  The great fashion faux-pas of wearing more than two hand-knits at a time. (Sue me, Glamor magazine! I'm cold!) And a heater at my feet going full blast.  And a cat on my lap.  Ya got to have a cat!!!!

Welcome to the upstairs of my 1892 Iowa farmhouse ..... air-conditioned for your comfort between the months of  December and May.  Come June .... the heat kicks on. 

And yet ....  at least, for a brief while ....... I welcome winter.  I love the sipping of warm tea or hot chocolate to warm the body.  My chilled feet thrill in the softness and warmth of the hand-spun, hand knit socks.  My creativity revels in knitting and sewing and spinning.  The smell of hot soup on the stove or stew in the oven warms the soul.

The scent of cinnamon, cardamon and vanilla fill the house.  The warm comforting aroma of freshly baked bread ...... never smells quite as good as it does on a cold winter's day.

Winter is the season of reward for a homesteader.  We understand the blessings of a warm fresh egg, the hard labor of winter chores, the joy of opening a jar of home-canned tomatoes.

Winter .... for all its struggles, all its trouble ......... reminds us daily of the rewards of the life we have chosen.

I would just like to have one less layer of clothing on!!!!!


Sharon Wren said…
Wish I had my cats here too! But they never let me get any work done. Oh well, after work (and dinner, homework, etc), there will be time for Fiona to curl up on the shawl I'm knitting - we may have to work out a timeshare though.
Amen Miss Eff. You expressed my sentiments exactly. I tell the head hillbilly frequently that long johns in the bedroom are sexy. Wink.
I'm not very excited for the cold, but I am loving the hot chocolate. Earlier I spread some apple butter on toast and was quite pleased - the apples came from my husband's relative's farm!

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