Making the list ......... Goals January 2011

I am list-type of gal.

I like making lists and taking that bright red tube of lipstick that I have NEVER used and scratch things off as I finish them. Obviously, I am NOT a lipstick-type of gal.

As I have said before, I admire my friend Kim and her monthly goal lists.  So I am blatantly stealing the idea this year.  There are a couple of reasons why I am doing this.

1) There is a ton of work that has to be done this year.  I swear they took a month out of the calendar in 2010 cuz I just know I lost a lot of time!!!

2) I am in the midst of menopause.  Along with losing the ability to bear children, I have obviously lost the ability to concentrate!!! I need a way to focus!!!

3) I must be a masochist! There is nothing like the fear of public humiliation to keep you on your toes.

I have created a tab for my monthly goals so I can gloat show what I accomplished and sweep the unfinished projects under the virtual rug!!!

These may seem a little lofty. I am certain they are!!!! But I have to admit something...... I'm including this week's to-do list in the goal sheet.  So this is Five weeks of to-do lists! 

Personal Enrichment
1) Read one book for fun!  Yea. For fun! It has been a long while since I have just sat down with book to read with no strings attached.
2) Learn caning and complete one chair.
3) Select yarn and pattern for me to knit a sweater or vest at the Crafting at the Convent.
4) Schedule a "Pints and Purls" event with some of my favorite people at Peace Tree Brewing.

Health and Nutrition
1) Drink 64 oz of water every day.  Easy for me in the summer.....much harder in the winter.
2) Prepare one vegetarian meal every week
3) Prepare one healthy fish meal every week
4) Lose 2 pounds.

1) Finish painting bedroom walls
2) Sew bedroom draperies
3) Sew duvet cover for comforter
4) Deep clean and organize all kitchen cabinets.
5) Put an additional $50 this month into our savings account. (Actually -- staying out of the saving account in January would be a major accomplishment!!! I am trying to save 15% of our income to our emergency savings .. I am at 10%.  I need to cut expenses even more!)

Summer Kitchen
1) Sew 6 dishtowels
2) Spin 4 skeins of yarn
3) Knit 12 dishcloths
4) Make 4 batches of jam
5) Find and create a fun project for a new and different product for sale.

1) Do lesson plan and handouts for the gardening section for the Homesteading Conference that I am teaching in April.  I am teaching four-90 minutes classes. In one day.  Yep. I am up to the challenge but what a lot of work.
2) Paint parking sign
3) Paint flower hours sign
4) Paint new barn quilt
5) Work on brochure for the farm.
6) Attend the WFAN conference.
7) Plan and create class schedule for summer classes.

1) Greet at church for the month of January
2) Teach two classes for Scott Community College
3) Attend two Freight House Steering Committee meetings.... (This month, they are not scheduled the same night as my classes at Scott!)
4) Attend Buy Fresh-Buy Local Board meeting
5) Create the form letter and send membership forms out by the end of January for Buy Fresh-Buy Local
6) Explore interest in creating an eastern-Iowa Farm Crawl type event.

That is soooooooo enough!  You can follow the progress on the Monthly Goals page.

Wish me luck!!!


Michelle said…
Wish you LUCK? Why? If you accomplish HALF your list you will make me feel like an utter SLUG! (And I know slugs; we have them here. ;-)
Chanin said…
Ok you made me tired reading that list.
Barb said…
Excuse me, but after reading the "short" list I am going to have a bit of a lie down.
Catherine said…
impressive! Looks like you'll be teaching in my neck of the woods at the Homesteading conference....can't find the details/dates on the link? Is it open to the public?
Miss Effie said…
Catherine .. the details aren't on the website yet but the conference is April 2. I'll link it after the event is published. They have printed a "save the Date" flyer.
BlueGate said…
Hey...PE #4 DONE! Come join us 1/13 at 7:00pm. I know a little place just south of town that will put you up for the night ; )

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