Scratching off the list

 OK guys ... just to update you ... and myself on the progress of the LIST!  I have made some progress.  Am I there????  Not a chance!

1) Knit 12 dishcloths........... Seriously, where did all the ones I have knit gone????? Oh -- a Rule # Uno of Retail....... replace what you sell!  I have knitted 8 dishcloths. I have four to go!  This is do-able!

2) Make 2 batches of cocoa mix.  Done!!! And I may make a third batch!

3) Make one batch of carrot cake jam

4) Knit 2 scarves One is done and a second one is started.  We will see how that goes!

5) Spin three skeins of yarn  One skein is started.  That is all I have to say!

6) Decorate the Summer Kitchen.

7) Make 7 stars/snowflakes to hang from the ceiling of the Summer Kitchen. (I do know where the material is.  Does that count?)

8) Bake a batch of thumbprint cookies for our customers.

9) Bake 2 batches of granola and 6 loaves of bread.  One batch of granola is done.  I'll do a second tomorrow morning early!

10) Decorate the house.

11) Fill this jars with dish scrubbies.  Its a gallon Ball commemorative jar.  Its big.  The scrubbies aren't!  I have knitted 5 scrubbies.  The jar will not be full!

12) Teach a jam making class

13) Attend a Buy Fresh-Buy Local board meeting  Been there!  Did that!

14) Convince you that you have to come see Five Fabulous Farmers ... a Bizarre Bazaar (possibly in a blizzard .... how's that for alliteration?) on Saturday 12/11  from 9 to 3 in the Summer Kitchen.

Progress goes slowly ..... hopefully, I can convince you to see us on Saturday.

Dress code for such an exclusive event??? Carrharts!!!!


Michelle said…
I don't have Carrharts; are Schmidts permitted? I have a pink pair of insulated bibs coming from an eBay seller. But I will be in church on Saturday . . . in Oregon . . . and NOT in my pink bib overalls!
Miss Effie said…
Michelle .... As cold as it is getting out here, I might just wear my overalls to church!!! Schmidts are perfectly acceptable.

Wish you were closer.... you would fit in with us sooooo well!
Dan Mays said…
I'm still on schedule!

Tomorrow I stop procrastinating.


Actually, I'm already ahead of schedule because I already took my lovely wife, Cyndia, out to dinner last Monday night.
Sherry said…
the hot cocoa is delicious! I think I'll have a mug of it tonight after I get the girls in bed. I need to make my list and get started tomorrow. I'm not brave enough to make it public!

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