Shop smalls .......... not malls.

Yes ......... I did blatantly steal that from my friend Maggie.  Or my friend Jill. But I stole it nevertheless.

But it was sooooo worth stealing.

So if you want to shop smalls.... if you want to find a parking space near the door ... or if you want to go someplace where everyone know your name......... shop Five Fabulous Farmers ......... a Bizarre Bazaar.

The heat is on in the Summer Kitchen.  The tea kettle is ready to go.  There are homemade cookies for your dining pleasure and lots of fun things to look at and take home.

I've joked about the fact that we don't get off the farm much ...... and it is true.  But we are women that find our entertainment and our creativity at the tips of our fingers.

Cassie made beautiful decorative cards and tags.  The tags would be PERFECT to hang on a vintage-looking Christmas tree.  And then .... there is the beautiful hand-spun yarn from Diego.  He used to live down the road at Crosswinds Farms.

Julie ......... well, what can I say about the many talents of Julie Wall.  From painting to felted, she has really helped filled the Summer Kitchen with color and light.

Diana made beautiful ruffled aprons ..... I'm sorry I don't have a photo.  But the Amy Butler fabric is fresh and pretty and bright.

And dear Sheepie Neighbor ..... her clay figures are full of character and fun.  I love the little lambs!!!

And did I mention ............... there are nut rolls? And double chocolate chip cookies.

So stop out and see us.  We have the heaters on. We will be here from 9 to 3.

And now ..... its time to pay the piper.  Yep ... its goal time.  Wanna see how I did???

1) Knit 12 dishcloths........... Seriously, where did all the ones I have knit gone????? Oh -- a Rule # Uno of Retail....... replace what you sell!  I got 10 dishcloths knitted.  Not bad.

2) Make 2 batches of cocoa mix. Made four batches.  That's a score.

3) Make one batch of carrot cake jam  Nope!

4) Knit 2 scarves One scarf is done.  One is one the needles.  Might actually be done by 3.  Or not.  But is will be done for next week!

5) Spin three skeins of yarn  YES!!!! Victory!!!

6) Decorate the Summer Kitchen. Not so much! But it still looks cute!

7) Make 7 stars/snowflakes to hang from the ceiling of the Summer Kitchen. Nope!!!

8) Bake a batch of thumbprint cookies for our customers. Can I give myself a half a point?  I made brownies instead.  And they will still be warm.  Maybe.  Depends on the heat in the Summer Kitchen!!!

9) Bake 2 batches of granola and 6 loaves of bread.  Completed!!!

10) Decorate the house.  Didn't even think about it.

11) Fill this jars with dish scrubbies.  Its a gallon Ball commemorative jar.  Its big.  The scrubbies aren't!  I did knit 7 scrubbies.  So I did make a dent.

12) Teach a jam making class  Nope.  Class was canceled.

13) Attend a Buy Fresh-Buy Local board meeting   Yep!  I'm membership chairman again.  Be prepared for my phone calls!

14) Convince you that you have to come see Five Fabulous Farmers ... a Bizarre Bazaar (possibly in a blizzard .... how's that for alliteration?) on Saturday 12/11  from 9 to 3 in the Summer KitchenWell, I can't say I didn't try!!!!!

15) Do a blog post.   And again and again!!!!

Now that you have seen my failures........ and a few successes ... pop out and see us today!!!!!  You will forget there is even a mall in town!!!!!


Barb said…
I hope you have a GREAT DAY down that-a-way today. We are currently in a blizzard here so "hunkering" will be the plan for the day.
Anna said…
Hope you have a great day. Good luck!
Beth said…
Oh I so wanted to make it your way today but could not. Was thinking of you though. Hope you had a good day.
Miss Effie said…
It was a good day ... the weather really hindered but still a good day.

Our merchandise is still there and now the bread and cookies are frozen for your convenience!!!!!

I'll be open on Tuesday if the weather allows!

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