Take a peak!

I'm lovin' the Summer Kitchen's look!  I could get used to this nice full look.  It's not going to last long!  But today, enjoy seeing the talent of Julie Wall.

This is her ........mmmm, pie window.  From seedling to crust.... it reflects the life cycle of an apple!  It is awesome ... and if you don't buy it, Honey will.

This folk art rooster may also live at Miss Eff's.  Rooster .... folk art .... $18.00.  Yea..... it is almost a given.

OK ..... I will give you a chance to buy these!!!  Maybe.  These tiny nativities are a fantastic piece of artwork.  Julie made and cut the print .... printed it on hand-made rice paper and applied them to these beautifully painted oak blocks.  They are then sealed and at $8, are the perfect small gift to represent the true meaning of Christmas.

There are people .... that I know .... that follow the Cupcake Truck in Denver.  After all, a cupcake truck is something that you just can't ignore.  Particularly when they have lemon cupcakes.  If you know such a person..... you should make sure that their Christmas tree has a cupcake on it!

See how cute they look on the tree!  And notice the tiny birdhouses!!  Too cute.

Sorry.... but this cute snowman found a home!  Thanx, Susan!!!!

And the last snowman window was so popular .... she had to paint another one for us!!!

There will be so much more.  I am so excited about all the stuff my uber-talented friends are doing!  Come on out today .... 11-4pm, Friday from 9-3 and Saturday from 9-3.  Best chances for baked goods is Saturday.  And dress warm.

Editor's note .... Proceeds from the Five Fabulous Farmers ... a Bizarre Bazaar will benefit the Summer Kitchen and help pay for her medical needs.  Rumor has it that the swoooopy roof is suffering from chilled bones that only insulation, drywall and gleaming white painted bead board can cure!  Stop in and see us!  :)


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