Worries, Retail and Relaxation.................

Yep.... I'm at it again.  I am worrying. 

I do it extremely well ..... and seriously, when you do something well, you should just go for it!  I have proof that I do it well.  Most the stuff I worry about never happens!!!

Well .... I have taken a major plunge in my life and now ..... I'm worrying about it.

For 8 years, I have worked retail during the winter.  I would take most of the summer off.  Many years I worked one night a week. But come the first frost, I was back behind the register, expounding on the the benefits of 500-thread count sheets and 18/10 stainless steel flatware.

Just the other day, a regular customer came in to the store and said ......... Fall must be here, Cathy is back!

I enjoyed my retail job .... even though I spent every dime I ever made there!!  But now its time to say goodbye to all our company.  (Yea ... name that tune!)  So December 23rd is my final day at work.

I'll miss my co-workers, I'll miss the customers/friends that I have gotten to know so well over the years .... and I will REALLY miss the discount!!

So now ....... the worry begins.  I have always had that buffer to protect me (and Honey) from the rest of the world.  A small job that was capable of buying groceries or paying a utility bill or just kept the wolf away from the door. 

And now .... it is up to ol' Miss Eff to keep the wolf away... to eliminate unnecessary spending, add the few dollars to the savings and keep the checkbook balanced. Yea .... its a worry.

But even a turtle makes progress by sticking its neck out.  And the Summer Kitchen is putting my abilities, talents and faith on the line.  Can I do retail on a little farm on the east coast of Iowa????

The other day one of my dear customers at my job said to me... Its winter.  You can sit back and relax now.

Not so much!!!!!!


Michelle said…
It's a leap of faith; fly high!
girlwithasword said…
You will get extra extra creative, if need be. I have been there, done that, and still visit that locale regularly! :)

Put up an etsy store so your blog and fb followers can purchase the lovelies you talk about...online, easily....Message me if you need help or encouragment! :)
melanie said…
Yes, yes! Etsy store!!!
Hickchick said…
I hear you, my worrying has started even though my leap doesn't happen for 6 months :)
I admire your courage, working without a net is not for the faint of heart!
BlueGate said…
Geez Cathy, if anyone can make this work (and work to her advantage) its you!
Sharon Wren said…
Maybe it's time to start writing a book!
Anna said…
Do more craft bizarres. I would love to go to the one you are having this weekend, but can't fit it in. Could you do this monthly? Or fit another one in before valentines?

And I agree with the person who said Etsy.

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