I was blogged away................

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a writer at the Radish Magazine about my adventures in blogging.

I had a casual conversation with the editor about an incidence that happened earlier in the day.  I had called the gals at Argyle Fiber Mill looking for roving.  Now ... I had met the gals from AFM at the Driftless Fiber Fest a year earlier. My friend Laura and I bought some yarn, talked fiber, exchanged business cards ... laughed a bit ... and moved on.

Now ... I was calling about some roving. AFM deals with mostly naturally colored fibers from alpaca and Icelandic sheep.  At that time, they had no dyed roving.  I explained that my customers seem to be drawn to the brighter colors of yarn in my little retail store on the farm.

Is this Miss Effie???

Yep ... it was.  After I picked myself off the floor ... I discovered that Kristi and Kathy read the blog regularly.

That short and sweet telephone conversation led to this article.

It also showed me the reach of the words that I type.

Now -- I'm no Pioneer Woman, or the Yarn Harlot or Miss Mustard Seed.  But it is fun to know that tucked into the hills of WI, the offices in New York City, a government building in DC  (and are you reading this blog on my tax dollar time???) ............ someone may be reading this blog.

In many ways .... I felt very alone throughout my life.  I may have been surrounded by friends ... but few understood the magic of a moment when cheese suddenly appears.  Or when a pile of fluff slowly disappears and yarn fills a bobbin.  I don't enjoy the mall .... I could care less who Louis Vuitton is ........... and I will never own a Coach bag.  And I don't care.

Blogging has let me fill my life with friends that understand drinking a beer on the hill in the sunset.  They understand the loss of a feathered friend.... or the pain of a hail storm. Or froggin' a sweater that I worked on for weeks.

Blogging has given me a place in cyber-space to fit in.  And for that I am thankful.

Thank you my dear friends ............ where ever you may be.


Love you Miss Eff. You have filled a spot in my heart, just as others have filled spots for you. I'm so happy we met through this crazy blog world and can be "real life" friends too. :-) xoxox
Ginny said…
Thank you Miss Eff. I love your blog, sometimes I laugh until tears are running down my cheeks. Keep up ALL your good deeds.
Leigh said…
That is too cool. Congratulations. I'm not a regular reader here, but I do find myself reading your blog from time to time. Keep up the good work!
fullfreezer said…
Fabulous article! I keep hoping to come pick some flowers sometime.
Stephanie said…
JUST started reading your blog and I love it. I can totally relate to how you're feeling about the blogging community. Can't wait to read and laugh alongside you some more!
Love the Radish article, Miss Eff. You rock.

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