Honey and I went on a mission yesterday.  We were going to find door knobs, hinges, locks, and escutcheons for these doors.

Why is it .... you can see door knobs on every table, in ever box ..........when you don't need or want them???
Riddle me that one ... Batman!!!  Three of our very-bestest antique stops and not a door knob to be found!!

But don't you worry.  I relaxed a bit and found some new stuff that I just had to have!!! I'm good with junkin'. 
Cuz in amongst the tube socks, the paint brushes and boxes and boxes of swizzle sticks ...........

there are treasures.

Like a vintage Pyrex bowl for popcorn. And a cow cookie cutter ... a gift from Davis Baking Powder.

For some reason, I love old cookie cutters.  Not that I ever bake sugar cookies!!  But I am approaching 100 cookie cutters.  I have hearts ... lots and lots of hearts.  And chickens.  Lots of chickens.  And now .... a duck!!

I know ... when the auctioneer starts the bidding on Miss Eff's stuff in the very distant future .... he will say........ Miss Eff had a thing for hand made items!  Yep .. that's Miss Eff.  Love the history, the talent, the thriftiness of women's handiwork.  I know ... a pot holder can be made from a chunk of terry towel. It might match your decor and come straight from the dollar store.  But wouldn't you rather use the pretty crocheted flower one???  I know I would.

And I want to sleep on pillow cases with beautiful tatted edges.  They don't match.  Someone didn't finish the top one.  A UFO. There are certainly lots of UFOs around this house.  I'm perfectly fine with that.  And catch this ... they were a $1 for the pair.  50% off sale!!!!!

I came home with flower frogs to hold signage in the Summer Kitchen, a sewing basket .... because.

Well, because it felt like it really needed someone to love it .......again.

Like this rug.

Hand-knitted.  Garter stitch knit in tubes and sewn together with a feather stitch.  The knitter knit a few rows (about 8) .. changed colors and knit a few more to form those beautiful striped sections.  Then the solids turned the whole rug into a piece of art.

A practical utilitarian object that was made with love and care.

And it is mine.

For $35!!!!!

I love me some good junkin'!


Anna said…
What treasures you found. You are a lucky lady.
Stephanie said…
I love junkin! I have 100's of cookie cutters also. I never make sugar cookies. :)
Barb said…
I have that same yellow bowl with a green one and blue one to match.
I think it was originally a set of four but an orange (?) one is missing. I grew up with these bowls. My mother made pounds and pounds of potato salad to serve in the large yellow bowl. Now when I use it to serve something I tell them it was my mother's bowl. My poor son-in-law is always nervous, afraid he might drop it. I told him if he ever did that I may have to hurt him! :O) Poor guy....such stress.

I love your finds. Now you've prompted me to grab a friend and head down to the Hixton, WI antiques mall in the near future. But where will I put the stuff?!?!?
Ginny said…
Nice haul, Miss Eff. Keep an eye on that duck cookie cutter, if I come to visit!! LOL
Sharon Wren said…
I've got tons of cookie cutters too, but I use mine. The strangest is probably a hand making the sign language sign for "I love you" but I adore that one b/c it's exactly the size of a 3 year old's hands, and both my boys loved to put it on when they were that age. So nobody's getting that one. :-)

Still trying to figure out the tube rug, how many they cast on, whether I could do that on my knitting loom, etc. Blizzard's coming, I need a project!
Heather said…
I'm in the same boat with cookie cutters. I have far too many, but I love them all!

That rug is killer! I love the colors and the knit. I'm currently on a rug hunt. Keep me posted if you come across others that you need to pass on.

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