Remember that I started this sweater a few of weeks ago??  Actually, I started it two weeks ago.

And it is within a day or so of being done.  Finished.  Complete.  In the closet. On my back.  Done.

So I try it on ..........................

And I am not happy.  I knit a medium.  And I think it is too big.  A medium.

It is a relaxed loose fit .... but this goes to sloppy relaxed loose fit.

I checked my gauge numerous times.  I did lengthen the sweater because it seemed like it would be too short.  Pattern said to knit 9" to the underarm.  Even for me .... that is pretty durn short.  I compared it to one of my favorite sweaters...... and added a couple of inches.  Mistake!  Nine inches might be OK.

(But I will still add an inch or so....... 57 y.o. muffin-tops need to be hid!)

Yea ..................

I'm froggin' it.



Barb said…
I totally, totally understand. It will be better once you take the first frogging step. Last year I was on the last panel (left front) of a cable sweater. I was at the top, nearly there, finally! I noticed a glaring mis-crossed cable. My husband said it would be ok and that no one would notice. Well, KNITTERS would notice and it was right in front. I tried my best to repair it but that got so complicated that I just took the loose end of the yarn, hooked it up to the ball winder and cranked away....bbwwaahhhaaa! My husband came in the back door and shrieked "What are you doing?!?" as the panel disappeared onto the ball winder. I am presently reknitting it now. I am much happier with it.
Laura said…
I'll send you a picture of the half complete sweater knit on size 1's out of sock yarn that I'm frogging. I totally feel your pain and yet I completely support your decision. Frogging is sometimes a necessity.

Laura :)
Susan said…
What a bummer! I too have a sweater that needs frogged. It is painful to do but better than having a sweater you won't wear!
Ahh...if I knew what frogging was I'm sure I could TOTALLY feel your pain. ;-) My mom gave up on me a long time ago....knitting was obviously not transferred in my genetic DNA. Your sweater will be beautiful though...gorgeous yarn.
Michelle said…
Here's a kleenex, dear. There, there; I totally understand.
Penny said…
Alas I do understand that you will not be happy with the sweater but it is sad to be Finished before deciding it's all wrong.

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