I have a strange philosophy when it comes to education.

I know I learn more and retain the information if I have a good time.  If the presenter is dull or dry or very stiff -- I have a tendency to daydream.  Or doodle.  Or fall asleep.  Keep it interesting and entertaining, I'll absorb knowledge like I was a sponge!

Enter food classes.

The other night, someone in class asked me about extra virgin olive oil. And of course, my response was "Extra virgin olive oil is from good girl olives.  The slutty olives go into the less-desirable oil".

On the evaluation form was the comment .... The instructor was refreshingly informal.

That was an understatement!


Ginny said…
Sounds like you and the class had a good time.
Sharon Wren said…
(snort, giggle) I gotta take one of your classes sometime!

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