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This post is all over the place! 

Just try to follow along, if you get lost....well, I apologize but Welcome to my world! 

Since we last talked ........ I taught a pizza class at Scott Community College.  You would think a pizza class would be all about making pizza. 

Nope!  This is all about the magic of making cheese.  And that is a good thing ... cuz I can honestly say I made the worst pizza I have ever baked!  Cheese ... awesome!!! Pizza ... mediocre!  I'm thinkin' the instructor should pay attention to what she is doing!

But just in case you want to be part of the cheese making magic .... another class will be held on Feb 3rd.  You can get details for registration here.

Friday, of course, was 111 things in 1/11  And at one point, I had counted everything I had tossed and/or donated.  It was over 50 items ... but I forgot how many over 50!!!

One place I purged was the needlework supplies. 

I was a cross-stitch addict.  And like all addicts .... you buy and buy and buy until you can buy no more.  So Out! Out! Damn Cross Stitch!!  OK ... I didn't throw it all out.  Actually, I found a lot of cool stuff I might really do later.  But the pile above is now at a thrift store someplace!

Like all good addicts, I replaced the love of cross-stitch with the love of knitting.  Which had been previously replaced by the love of basket weaving and the previous love of cross-stitch.

Did you follow that?????

So I took the above-stated, current love addiction of knitting to the convent. 

A group of Dubuque area women, got together last year for a quilting retreat weekend at a former convent. My friend Laura asked me to go last year and I made the incredibly stupid mistake of saying no.  Well, this year, I went for the "Second Annual Quilting Retreat".  And I'm hoping they will sign me up for next year's retreat.

Yea ... I know.  I don't quilt.  I paint barn quilts but I don't quilt.  One addiction at a time!

But there was a knitting room.  And five of us spent roughly 16 hours a day.......... knitting.  OK -- I spent a lot of that time "un-knitting".  But from about 9 am to 1 am .... I knitted.  Or un-knitted as the case may be.

I would show you pictures ..... but we didn't get dressed in much more than pajamas or sweats.  We didn't do our hair or put on make-up.  We knitted.  And we talked.  And we knitted.  And we talked.

I was the old gal in the group.  I was knitting when knitting was cool in the 60's and 70's.  And I see serious differences in the knitting style of the new breed of knitters.  And I love it!!  They talk designer yarns .... designer patterns.... and I am familiar with some, but so many went over my head! 

(Truth be known .... I am very short.  Lots of things go over my head!)

We bought a pattern ... bought the exact yarn stated in the pattern ... and knitted it exactly as the pattern stated.  Period.  No variation.

So I am in awe of the creativity and adventuresome spirit of the current knitters and designers.  Don't like something ...... change it!

Which I should have done with this!

This is the sweater that I am knitting.  Love it!  Love the yarn!  Love the style of the sweater.  But the slip stitch rib pattern is driving me nuts!!!! 

You can see the bottom edging..... after a few rows,  I could at least see the pattern.  But the edging on the sleeve cuff is done from the wrong side so it can be turned.  YIKES!!!  But I do have sleeve number one close to completion.  So only one more cuff and a collar to go.

The rest of the sweater is fairly easy ........... in twisted stockinette. 

Next time, I'll pick something simple........... like a fisherman's knit sweater!!!!!!  No, the twisted stockinette is cool ..... I just wish I had chosen something that would fly off the needles.  That being said ... I started the sweater on Friday morning.  So I am pleased with the results.

And just a couple of other notes.... the convent is an incredible place to hold an event like this.  There were rooms set up for sewing ... actually 2 were filled with machines, and large tables to cut fabric.  The living room had sofas and chairs for the knitters to sit and relax.  The rooms were simple but cozy and warm.  Actually, I felt like I was back in college at the house.  It was wonderful.  And Sheepie didn't have to bail me out!

So that's my update!  Stay tuned for my next adventure!!!!  What ever that may be.


Susan said…
Hey Cathy your sweater is looking good! Can't wait for you to show it off when it is finished - I finished my first sleeve of my sweater this morning and started the second.


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