Wanna know why .............

I am no longer an interior designer???

Its confession time.

I can no longer make a decision.

Particularly about the simplest thing ......... color.  OK ... I talked about this before.  I paste paint samples on the wall .... and look........ and think ....... and decide ........ and change my mind.  And then spring comes and I go into the garden and  I forget about painting!!!

Three years ago .... Honey stripped the paint off  the door to the stairwell.  Three years ago.  And it has remained bare wood for three years.

All because I couldn't decide what color to paint it.

After three years .... I decided on a color.  Yeaaaaaa!!!!!!!! Victory!!!!!!!!!! A decision was made!!!!!!!!!!

And what color did I choose?


Yep.  I picked .............. white.  Actually, Natural Cotton.  But white, nevertheless.

Honey grabbed that gallon of paint so fast it made my head spin!  I couldn't change my mind on this one!!  Not now!!!  Not for 10 years!!! So we are off and painting all the trim in the kitchen.

During this process, Honey decided he didn't like the way the doorknobs fit in the door.  Too much play.  Wiggled back and forth too much for him.  So he grabbed our handy-dandy box of extra door knobs and hardware finds and proceeded to re-fit door knobs.

So now we have these knobs on the door.  That is the front of the knob.

And here is the back.  Pretty cool, huh?  (Another confession ... I love old hardware!!!)

So now .... if you come to my house in the next couple of weeks, you will find the contents of drawers and shelves scattered about the kitchen table.  There will be furniture pulled away from the wall and the floor will be covered with newspaper, plastic and painters tape.

A total lack of organization will be obvious.  Disorder will abound.  And it will be all my fault.

I made a decision.


Carla Jaquet said…
Aaah, I will use you as my inspiration. Kitchen walls and trim left unfinished for almost a year. My neice posted today is the first new moon of the new year... a time for new beginnigs. Better yet (for me) a good time to finish old projects!
Sherry said…
I like the old hardware too. Our house in KS was an oldie and one of our neighbors was throwing out all her old hardware and replacing her knobs with those cheapo shiny ones from a popular discount store. GASP!!! I quickly claimed them all and have done some fantastic repurposing with them over the past couple of years.
Anna said…
I love white trim and old door nobs. I don't see how you can go wrong. Have fun painting!

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