Warm Fuzzies in the Summer Kitchen...................

Even though I am ordering flowers/seeds/bulbs and plugs like a wild woman, the temperatures are far from spring-like.

While I am holed up in my old chilly farmhouse, I'm engaged in aerobic knitting.  Yes!!  I do have the fittest fingers in town!! I'll put my fingers against any 20-year-old.  I can long tail cast-on with break-neck speed.  And wait till you see the strength of my bound off edge!!  And my ankles are toned and taunt from the continuous work on the wheel! (However, we are not going to talk about the condition of my ever-spreading butt!!!!)

Because it is still so cold .... I have created a few warm fuzzies for the Summer Kitchen.  

Above is the world's best hat ..... The very best!!  I do have proof of that.  I am sure you will see a testimonial to that fact soon.  Very soon.  Like as soon as she sees this post.  Hint!!!!

Its is made of Burly Spun yarn by Brown Sheep Company.  100% wool.  Great hat.  So great .... there are actually two for the Summer Kitchen.

Let me know if any of these items are calling your name!

There is a beret made of hand-spun wool.  And since we sold several pairs of fingerless gloves this past weekend, there is a beautiful pair of merino/silk mitts. Hopefully, I will get at least another pair or two done before Friday.

I now was feeling a little stash deprived.  I determined that I desperately needed a trip to a yarn store. Or two.  Maybe three. First stop,  Serendipity Yarn Shoppe in Muscatine. GREAT yarn shop.   I walk up to the window and here sits my friend and spinner-extraordinaire,  Abi  Yea .... I needed some roving.

This will keep me busy for a while!

After a fun visit with Francy and Abi ... I needed to find a little more fiber-fulfillment.  I made the trek to Iowa City and Home Ec Workshop.  Home Ec is funky and quirky in just the right way. Its a great mix of yarn, fabric, workshop space and coffee bar.  With seriously awesome peanut butter cookies.  I have no idea how I know this!!!  But I just do!!!

I am going to "Crafting at the Convent" this weekend. 

Sheepie.... stop laughing! 

Debbie ... don't giggle!!!

Cynthia ... we lived in the Virgin Room!  I should qualify for a convent!!!  (The Virgin Room is a very old 4-H House story!!!)

Yea ... can you tell my friends are worried about the structural integrity of the convent?????

Well -- I'm going.  And I am spending 3 days knitting.  Knitting. Knitting.  Knitting.  For me.  I needed yarn for me  and this sweater.

Now I started on a quest for a spring colored yarn.  I was set on aqua or coral or yellow.  And then this started singing to me.  And when a yarn sings to you ..... well, ya know it is coming home with you!

I really love a sweater that I can throw over any color of tank or tee that I own.  And I think this Malabrigo will be just the ticket.  I hope to swatch it today to see how it looks in the twisted stockinette stitch.

It is snowing again ...... it is cold in my old farmhouse.  But there are lots of warm fuzzies to surround me today.

Yarn, fleece and friendships.

Yea ..... it doesn't get better than that.


jillwaukee said…
You bet your buttons that the world's greatest hat!! How many years have I had that hat, or a reincarnation of it? FOREVER. I love the Ali McGraw/Love Story classic feel of the hat. My friends know me and that hat very well. I have OODLES of pics in it. It's my favorite. When you find something great, stick with it. I'll be sticking with this hat. :)
corinne said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
corinne said…
I (hehehe) was (hehehe) not (heheheh) laughing!!! : )
Farm Genevieve said…
I love the fabrics at Home Ec. I love touching the designer brand yarns--since I can't afford them! Next time you're there go across the street to Hamburg Inn and get yourself a Red Velvet shake. Don't ask me how I know this but you'll thank me for this information.
Those hats look gorgeously warm. I have just been introduced to the therapuetic joys of spinning. Even carding is a very relaxing activity for me. Beats twirling my hair.

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