Almost to the finish line on this one!

About a month ago, we bought this door at ReStore in Davenport.  The moment I saw it ..... I was in love.
The moment Honey saw it .... he knew he could make it work.

So after stripping off layers of old lead paint, filling cracks, re-gluing the pieces, sanding, priming, painting and staining........ it was ready for its first dry fitting.

Tomorrow .... it will go to the glass store to have some etched tempered glass put into the panels.  We have about 10 days to clean up and prep the hardware before it comes home.

But I am thinking its going to work okay!

What do you think???


Michelle said…
I think it's charmingly perfect! Yay, Miss Effie and Honey!
BlueGate said…
yep, what Michelle said!
Anonymous said…
Perfect! I'm not sure on the color though. Blue maybe?
Oh. My. Goodness. Love it. Love it. Love it. The glass in the door will be wonderful! The Summer Kitchen will be brighter! Gotta love the ReStore.
Ginny said…
Looks like it was made for the Summer Kitchen. Also, you need to tell me if you need (haha) a particular color of a darning egg.
Miss Effie said…
Sharon -- part of the marketing plan on the farm is a consistency in color scheme throughout. All the buildings, mailbox, signage, accessories, barn quilts --echo the same 3 colors. Shades of yellow, green and the same rusty barn red.

We may do lighter or darker hues of the colors ... but the basic colors stay the same. We mix it up a bunch so they don't look like we painted everything exactly the same.

Its a small detail but one that we think works for our farm.

So ... no blue. Its not in the palette.
Anonymous said…
Oh well that makes sense. You'll be posting pictures when it's all done, right??
I love it! I'm a sucker for a red door.
Alissa said…
absolutely perfect :) I can't wait to photograph some darling in front of it!
So awesome, Cathy! Paul and I have just discovered the Re-Store. Perfect for new homeowners, even if it's just to donate the ridiculous light fixtures that came with the house!
Beth said…
Beautiful door. I love those doors.
Dana said…
I Love It!!! You are soooo lucky.
Penny said…
What a great find!

We recently had a Restore open in town and I definitely need to go see if I can find a treasure or two.
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