Classes ... classes ... and more classes.............

I really have enjoyed doing the classes the last couple of years.

It is a lot of fun for me.  I have been able to quit my retail job.  I get the chance to meet new people. I can introduce them to the magic of cheese making or the taste of freshly-baked bread from their own kitchen or give them the sense of accomplishment from canning their own tomatoes.

So it has been a win-win for old Miss Eff.

I've got a lot of classes scheduled for the next couple of months while I am out and about.

But  it is time to do a class schedule for here at the farm.  Yikes!  And I need your help.

The bottom line is ............ I can't do all the classes.  They take preparation and that equals time.  But planting, weeding, Summer Kitchen projects, prepping for rental parties, decorating the garden .... and being perky Miss Eff... also takes time.

So ... I will do four classes this summer.  One will be a Mozzarella cheese making class on Monday Jun 6th.  Class size will be limited to 4 people.  Sign up will be on a first come, first served basis.  Receipt of your payment will ensure your enrollment ... cost $30.  I will demo cheese making and then you will make your own to take home.  Bring a 1 qt container.  Class begins at 1 pm.

On June 27th .. we will do a Jam class.  We will make three types of jam.... freezer jam, traditional jam with pectin and traditional jam without pectin.  Class size is limited to five people.  You will be taking jam home with you.  And cost is $35.  Class begins at 1 pm.

On July 18th .... there will be another Mozzarella cheese class. 1 pm -- $30

And on August 8th, we will do a canning basics class and making salsa...... Class size is limited to 6 people.  It will be hot!!!  We have no air conditioning.  Be prepared to sweat!!!! But you will be taking home a great salsa and the knowledge on how to start canning.  This class will start at 11 ... we will have a light lunch .... and continue through the afternoon.  Cost $40.

(That is all the cooking classes that will be done on the farm this summer. In the immortal words of Porky Pig....Th-th-that's all, Folks!!!!)

OK -- so here is where I need your help.  What else would you like to see as far as classes???  We want to have classes running almost every Monday.  We have some fabulous instructors .... Tammy McCay is willing to teach a free-form knitting class.  Linda Tuftee has offered to teach a container herb class... you need to take this and put it to use with the canning basics class!

The always delightful Julie Wall will be teaching art classes for adults and children...... painting flowers anyone?????  We think pressing flowers for cards and gifts .... Perfect memory to have from a day at Miss Eff's.

And its time to get the talented, fun and my dear friend, Cathy DeValk here to have "Flower Camp" .... an opportunity to pick flowers and learn arrangement techniques from the owner of St. Bridget's farm.

So help me out here. What would Miss Eff's be without a fiber class or two?? Got any ideas???

What other types of classes would you like to see?? Do you know a great teacher??? Let me know...............


Anonymous said…
Another chicken class! That way you'd only have to clean the coop once before all us newbies show up. How about one on knitting socks? I've got the needles, I've got the yearn and that's about it.
Laura said…
I'll help with any knitting-related classes you want to do! I've been researching teaching opportunities lately. I'm especially interested in following in my grandmother's footsteps and getting my Craft Yarn Council teaching certificate...
I'd love to try the freeform knitting class, and I'm totally hoping I can make a chicken class this year. I missed it last year.
Anonymous said…
Aww, the canning class is on a Monday, I have to work! :-( And that's the one my Honey really wants me to take.
Okay, I have no life and think about things while drying my hair, but I have a WONDERFUL idea for another class. Jen could do a class on signmaking. Everyone gets an old barn board and instructions and inspiration. I would LOVE this. Please?
Miss Effie said…
If we can get Jen to do it ... Let's go for it! (I'm betting she may be game!)
Anonymous said…
Canning Class - do we sign up here... need two (Alan and Rosemary Whiting).... Please let me know.

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