Done! Done! Stick a Fork in me......................

I am done! 

I was going to post a picture of the adult beverages consumed in the making of this website.

However, since this blog and the farm are rated-PG (due to the language of the flower farmer!)  I will refrain from posting that!  And I am concerned that you might have my liver hauled away for chemical analysis. 

Could happen.

Working on a website is not easy for me.  I have NO idea what html stands for.  Nor do I care. But I also do not have $1000 or so to have someone do it for me ....... so I go where no sane 56-year-old woman would go.  Into the abyss of web land.

I mean, seriously ........... my cash register is a canning jar.  I'm a little old school!!!

Make your comments.  There are still some issues with the old page/new page merging.  If you delete your bookmark (if you have me bookmarked .... yea!!!  I'm rarely bookmarked!!) and enter .... Miss Effie's Flowers dot com in your browser, it should come up nice and clear.

If you have mean comments to make .... remember, that Miss Eff is the only snarky one on this page!! 

No -- I want honest comments and problems.  So comment away. (Honey .... will you look at them??  Cuz you know I will cry!!)

First of all ........... thank you's go out to sooooo many of you.  And I am really going to miss someone as I list their names but here we go!

For the customer reviews and comments....... thank you Lisa, Susan A, Sue M, Jen, Tina, Catherine, Carrie, Jayme, Susan W, Paula, Heather, and Nancy.

For photos .... thank you Sherri, Jane and Heather.  Heather, I use that picture constantly!! Seriously, the largest bouquet that has ever ever ever come out of the garden!  And Bridget, I LOVE that picture of Nina!

To Abby and Pam for the photos of the cheese-making class and the photo of Honey and me.

But most of all -- for all my wonderful wonderful customers that make the work on a website necessary.  If you didn't come to the farm .... I wouldn't need a website. 

I could hug you all right now!!!!

You and the master brewer at New Glarus Brewery.


Anonymous said…
But it's a nice website! Much better than I can ever pull off. I keep waiting for my kids to turn into computer experts so I can say "you want your allowance, make Mama a website." Sock making class? I'm there! And I'm gonna talk my Honey into taking the chicken class. I'm getting sooo close to getting chickens this year. He really like a chicken tractor I showed him over the weekend (hee hee).
Sharon Wren said…
Oh shoot Cathy, that anonymous comment is from me! I need more caffeine before I post.
Farm-Raised said…
Cathy!! The website is absolutely beautiful! Beautiful photographs, lovely words, just a lovely tone overall! Well done! I'm very impressed. You'll have to be careful or soon you'll be teaching web design courses as well! :-) Take care, friend!!

I like the new website, Miss Eff. YOu did awesome, I'm totally impressed.

(If you need any photos, I have a lot of great ones from your party.)
Linda said…
Looks great to me! I have 1 Spotted Cow left from New Glarus Brewery. (You & I have great taste) DH & I will share & then make a trip to Little Swiss for more-soon! I must get to your place this summer.
fullfreezer said…
Oh, it's beautiful! And I visited every page. You did a fabulous job. It is visually appealing without being too cluttered or 'flashy'. Perfect.
melanie said…
Very nice!!!

(You need a period at the end of the second paragraph of description. I mean, after all, the others have one...)

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