Getting cozy............

You know I like all things tea.   Why else would I tie 125 plus tea cups to a tree????

And you know I squeal with delight at the prospect of hosting a tea party. I love the dishes ... the linens .... and of course, the flowers.

And now .... I am lovin' these!

I started out knitting this simple easy pattern found on the label of cotton yarn.  Its OK .. bright .. pretty ... but when the pattern morphed into this......

Hand embroidery ... vintage buttons.  And a first.  No ... that should be FIRST!  I created fiber art with only one needle!!!

Yes ... that is single-crochet at the bottom of that cozy!!! 

Seriously ... I have never ever ever done that before!  Might just happen again.

You can expect a couple of more tea cozies this week in the Summer Kitchen.  Along with some fabulous signs.  Fabulous!!  Really cool, awesome, incredible, you-have-got-to buy-them signs!!!

You can buy them all .... here .... at the Summer Kitchen.

Except for the one with "salted nut rolls".  Some how, it found a home.

Who knew???????


Ginny said…
Who knew? Love the tea cozies, I like to crochet, just never do it, oh well.........
Sherry said…
fantastic pictures... I loved the one so much of the tea cup tree that I did a quick sketch and painting of it.

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