Gotta get my knit on!

Have I said .... I like KIP-ing???? (Knitting in Public for the fibery-challenged)

Sometimes, the peaceful clinking of the knitting needles is nice.  Just you, some yarn and a dropped stitch or two.

Yea ... its nice.  Peaceful. But definitely not a Miss Eff moment!!!!

Susan with an awesome striped sweater made of Noro and Cascade.  Plus she is wearing a sweater she completed since the Convent Weekend!

Give me the laughter, the show-and-tell, and a great cup of coffee!!! And twenty plus women knitting, spinning and that silly one-needle act --crocheting. (Seriously, what do you do with the other hand???)

Welcome to the Eldridge Knitting Nook!!!!!

Tammy is new to the area.  I met her last week.  She is AWESOME!!!  She is the latest peep in a long list of knitting peeps!  And she lives over the hill.  I could see her house from here... if I had x-ray vision and could see through dirt.

Well, Tammy tried several knitting groups in the area and didn't find a good fit.  And there are good ones.  But "fit" is important.  There are several places I like to knit ... but they are almost an hour away and convenience is important to me.

Laura and her paper doll sweater that she finished at the Convent Weekend.

Some places won't let you eat or drink in their knitting groups. Personally, if I want to get a jelly donut on my hand-spun alpaca, that's my business.  And if I am doing a lace pattern .... I need the caffeine to stay alert!!  So the no food - no drink rule means Miss Eff is a no-show!

Pam ... knitting a scarf in the round.

And I like to laugh!! I like sympathy when I have to frog a piece.  And I like to see beautiful yarns and fabulous patterns.  And I like a gal that prints up patterns for chickens!!!!

(NO!!!!  I did not take the pattern!!  NO!!!! I will not be knitting it.  People in Donahue and Eldridge think Sheepie and I are crazy enough.  But I will happily allow any of my girls to be used as models! It does give a different spin to the term .. Chicks with Sticks.)

So on Wednesdays for the next few months.... you will find me at The Buzz in Eldridge, having a great time. 

I may have to change the flower farm  schedule!!!!!!


Is this the same group that was in the Times? It sounds awesome. Are (very beginner) crocheters welcome? I've always thought it would be fun to be in a group like this.
Miss Effie said…
Yes it is!! And yea ... we would love to have you! We had very very beginning knitters. And lots of crocheters.

Tammy is working on organizing an evening group!
Laura said…
Oh, man. I had such fun yesterday; I think I was on a knitting high when I got home! I can't wait for next week. I may even go to both the afternoon (Wednesday) and evening (Thursday) groups!
Miss Effie said…
Laura ... me, too!! Most Thursday's I teach ... but not in the summer! So its afternoon till flowers start and Thursday after that!

PS ... you will love Kim!! Super fun!!
Okay, I'll have to try the night group. Sounds like such fun!

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